Zach Wilson Announces He’s Going Dark On Social Media After Quite A Summer of Distractions

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Zach Wilson is officially closing it down to focus on his job and winning football games for the New York Jets. The quarterback, who found himself at the center of a tabloid social media storm in July after his ex-girlfriend alleged he had slept with one of his mom’s best friends, is pulling a LeBron and deleting his social media apps as training camp officially cranks up.

“For me, it just comes down to limiting what voices I really need to hear and, right now, it’s here, hearing what my coaches have to say, what the other QBs have to say, and what my teammates are thinking on every single play. Even parents sometimes can be a distraction,” Wilson told reporters Tuesday.

Zach Wilson’s distractions: (upper left) new girlfriend Nicollette Dellanno; ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile; Zach with his mom, Lisa / Instagram / Getty Images

Parents…distraction…wink, wink.

It’s no secret that Lisa Wilson, Zach’s mom, and the New York tabloids have quite a history after just one season of getting to know each other. Lisa loves attention. The New York tabloids love quarterback moms who love attention and the two sides come together during the season to create content.

Lisa gets her fix. The tabloids get their clicks and everyone wins.

After a summer where Zach perfectly navigated the sleeping with his mom’s best friend waters, Wilson’s riding a high amongst fans. They’re already wearing MILF Hunter No. 2 jerseys and Zach can do no wrong — until he steps on the field where he threw nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions in 2021.

Now is not the time for distractions.

The old girlfriend is history. In her place, Wilson signed free agent TikTok dance influencer Nicolette Dellanno who spent the summer hanging out with the 22-year-old gunslinger.

Zach Wilson mystery blonde photos Nicolette Dellanno
Zach Wilson’s new girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno / Twitter / Instagram

The big difference between the old girlfriend and Dellanno is that the new girlfriend is from New Jersey and clearly understands how to handle the Big Apple lifestyle. She’s close to home, has family and friends around to keep her busy while Zach’s off studying his Microsoft Surface tablet and can always keep busy by recording TikTok videos while Zach’s recovering after being destroyed by the Patriots.

There’s no better time to buy Zach Wilson stock. It seems like he’s handling his business the right way and has a plan to stay away from distractions. This has all the earmarks of a 6-11 football team that isn’t officially out of it until late November.

Keep in mind the Jets have one of the hardest schedules. Limiting distractions is the right call here.

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