Zach Bryan Arrest Details Released: ‘F**king Cops Are Out Of Control’

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Zach Bryan allegedly was incredibly chippy with police during his Thursday arrest in Vinita, Oklahoma.

The neo-country music superstar was arrested on a charge of obstruction of an investigation when he allegedly refused to get back in his truck after his security guard was pulled over for speeding.

Bryan had previously been stopped for speeding as well, and was threatened with arrest when he didn’t want to reveal his address. Eventually, he complied and the situation defused.

The popular singer released a video Friday morning taking responsibility for his actions, and explaining his side of the story.

Now, the police report is out, and it matches up……but Bryan might have been a bit chippier than he let on.

Zach Bryan arrest details released.

The police report matches up with Bryan claiming he got out of his truck to figure out why his security guard’s stop was taking so long, and also did tell police to arrest as he also claimed, according to TMZ.

However, it was really off to the races from there. The country music superstar allegedly said his arrest was an example of “why people do not like police officers.” When he realized he might actually be in trouble, Bryan allegedly told cops not letting him go would be a “mistake.”

“If you don’t it is going to be a mistake sir. I promise…This is the second time this has happened in 3 days. These f***ing cops are out of control,” Bryan allegedly told the police.

Zach Bryan arrest report released. (Credit: Craig County Jail)

He’s also accused of saying, “You boys need checked, a bunch of f***in’ middle aged white dudes arresting people.”

Bryan also threatened to get the local mayor involved and his dad threatened to get Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt involved in the situation.

None of it worked and Bryan was arrested.

Zach Bryan was arrested Wednesday in Oklahoma. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Bryan is looking to move forward.

Telling a cop you’re going to get politicians involved is rarely a good idea. In fact, I’m not sure when it would be. Once the cuffs come out, shut your mouth and look to de-escalate.

To Bryan’s credit, he took responsibility and didn’t attempt to blame other people for the fact he found himself in hot water.

“I ended up apologizing online because I realized my actions didn’t reflect who I was as a person, and the night ended okay. I have to deal with the legalities of it when I go back home. The people of Vinita were super kind. I just wanted to tell the story and get it out there before someone blew it out of proportion. I was just an idiot. I’ll take the fall for it. I’m a grown man and I shouldn’t have behaved like that, and it won’t happen again. I love you guys. Thank you for defending me online, but I don’t really need it. I just shouldn’t have did what I did,” the “Something in Orange” singer announced in his Friday video.

Zach Bryan attempted to clear the air after his arrest. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Hopefully, he can put this all behind him and learn from the unfortunate experience. Sounds like he lost his cool and will have to deal with the consequences.

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