Zac Taylor’s Face Was All Over His Wife Pregame, Literally

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Zac Taylor’s wife, Sarah, threw her support behind her man by wearing a sweatshirt with his face on it to the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Seeing, how things turned out, if Mrs. Taylor is the superstitious type, that shirt will not be coming back.

Cincinnati sports reporter Olivia Ray snapped a shot of the Bengals head coach’s better half showing off her game-day fit.

Clearly, that photo was taken pre-game. Smiles on the Bengals faithful were hard to come by once the AFC Championship went final.

If you were unaware, Sarah Taylor is the daughter of former Packers and Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman. Whether she has any shirts emblazoned with her old man’s visage is unknown at this time.

Zac Taylor and officials
Some Bengals fans might argue that the officiating had a hand in destroying any mojo left in the Zac Taylor sweatshirt. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This Particular Zac Taylor Shirt Needs To Be Retired

We’ll have to see next season if Sarah tries to try to make the sweatshirt. However, I think that shirt needs to be retired. It’s a shame because had the Bengals won, she’d be able to sell those things to fans who wanted to rally around the sweatshirt.

Unfortunately for the sweatshirt, it now has the stink of a heart-breaking defeat attached to it. If she wants sweatshirts with her man’s face to work, I think we’re going to see Zac Taylor sweatshirt 2.0. Maybe put a hat on him or use an orange sweatshirt as a base to switch it up.

If that sweatshirt is retired — which it probably should be — I’m not sure what’s next for it. It could become a lounge or sleeping shirt. Possibly it becomes dog bedding or a car washing rag (although the bedazzling would probably scratch the finish).

Perhaps it can make an unprecedented comeback next season. Maybe then it can shake off the loss and get a little positive mojo going. In my experience, it’s impossible for a shirt that’s lost its fastball to return from the dead like that. Once a shirt falls out of favor like that, its time is over.

Unfortunately, that fate has befallen Sarah Taylor’s Zac Taylor sweatshirt.

RIP Zac Taylor sweatshirt. We hardly knew ye…

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