Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Celebrates Another AFC Title, Eagles Fan Pukes Everywhere & Bengals Fan Ends Up In Cuffs

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That one might be tougher to take than the Super Bowl loss

As I sit here this morning digesting what happened last night, all I can think about is how (1.) It’s so damn hard for your NFL team to get to the conference title game and (2.) Your window in the NFL can close so quickly.

The Super Bowl loss was hard, but it was the year when the Bengals weren’t supposed to be anywhere near the Lombardi trophy. This year, the franchise wobbled between being a road favorite in KC to a 1.5-point dog to a team with a quarterback who couldn’t push off his back foot. This was it. This was the break they needed to advance.

And then the Bengals allowed a guy who couldn’t push the ball down the field to carve them up by going 29 of 43 for 326 yards and two touchdowns. There were very few moments where there was pressure on Mahomes and Cincinnati paid the price.

Add in the Bengals line not playing anything like they did in Buffalo and you lose football games.

Yes, there were moments when the NFL refs were garbage and I was coming unglued, but the Bengals had the ball with the chance to drive for the game-winning field goal and didn’t get the job done. That’s the NFL.

Quick observations:

• Would that game have been different if the Bengals had their Week 13 offensive line? That’s what’s going to sting for awhile.

• The Chiefs ended with four penalties; They’re now averaging five penalties per game for the 2022 season

• I don’t care how many times Tony Romo tries to tell the CBS audience that Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo deserves to be a head coach, it’s not happening. The NFL gods will allow just one defensive coordinator to get a job this offseason and it’ll be DeMeco Ryans in Houston.

• Thankfully, Tony Romo has been sent out to the pasture for the rest of the season as Greg Olsen assumes the color analyst role for the Super Bowl. Olsen is rock solid in his role without having to grunt and make mumble for five minutes to explain a simple thought. I know the money is great for Romo, and he’s working on a 10-year contract, but it really feels like he’s mailed it in. He got the massive contract and now it’s just going through the motions.

• CBS really has a mess of a booth. It’s way too busy. You have Jay Feely popping up from who knows where to give a report on kicking while the red line is right there on our screens giving us the same information. Either the red line means something or it doesn’t. We don’t need Nantz playing air-traffic controller. Jim’s throwing it down to Jay. Jim’s throwing it down to the sideline reporters. Jim’s throwing it to Gene, who is bantering with Romo, who is mumbling into the mic.

Total mess.

• And we’ll need Romo to confirm whether Mahomes is Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or both. I lost track of all the gargling.

• I hope you guys are ready to be beaten over the head on the Kelce Bowl stuff. The media will key in on that and Andy Reid against his old team in case you can’t remember him coaching in Philly and ram those storylines right into the ground. Oh, and here in northwest Ohio, there’s a TV intern who is about to make the drive to the Wilson football factory in Ada, OH to tell local viewers about the town where the Super Bowl footballs are made. Not a year goes by when a producer doesn’t dial up that story.

• Between Philly bros and Waste Management bros, I’m way too old for a Phoenix Super Bowl. It’ll be a nice week to sit at home and enjoy time with my wife.

Let’s hear from the readers:

• Jess in Alabama writes:

Sorry y’all lost. But that was a really fun game. Not sure if I’m allowed to say this, but the anti-Jason Whitlock refs (if you know, you know), really helped the Chiefs make it this year (final game). I’m not trying to blow smoke up any Bengals’ fans skirts, but you know what I mean. I was hoping for the Bills, Bengals or Titans in the Super Bowl. That last one makes me a joke. Or maybe all do. Woof.

Thanks again for everything!!’

PS I don’t think I care more than most readers? Maybe I do. Seriously? But that was hysterical.


Thanks, Jess. She really is one of the best Screencaps readers. Always positive. Always talking me off a ledge. Jess is a really nice person.

• Michael J. writes:

Nobody would fault you for taking tomorrow off sir. Rough end to the season.


Nonsense. There will be no running from tough losses.

• Bengals fan Harvey D. writes:

Fly Eagles FLY!!!


As a content guy, I agree. The majority of Eagles fans are scumbags, but they’re good for clicks.

• Mark D. writes:

Never seen a more fixed game in my life.


“NFL rigged” was trending last night on Twitter and that’s hard to do with just Bengals fans saying it.

Liberal Judd F. in Ohio IS BACK with a rebuttal

• Judd F. writes:

Joe – I think my Screencaps debut was strong. I don’t think labeling me as ‘pro-fentanyl addict’ was accurate, but I more than deserved the call-out on using ‘full stop’ in the written word. I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to the Screencaps community for that type of language. I will do better. 

The Saturday follow-up notes were as expected. I can assure Brian J. that I’ve never lived anyplace close to earning the label of ‘city’ but I share his frustration on anyone telling me how I should be living. I think Millennial Griff mostly got where I was coming from and he is absolutely right, you gotta be able to take a joke and a blast. Good call Griff.

I think there is a 5% chance, just to stir up the crowd, you invented that email from Eric T. who was trying to ‘have my back.’ Health struggles aside, that guy is going to get eaten alive saying things like  “I am funny, considerate, and likeable.’ Not the help I was looking for Eric.

Thanks for hearing me out. From here on, I’m just another SC guy looking to add to the convo in a positive way and give/get a little $h!t along the way. Thanks for having me and good luck to the Bengals.

Now the answers to your questions:

1 – Do you mow on Thursdays? – I’m insulted you even asked. Of course.

2 – Lawnmower? – I’ve got almost 2 acres, not enough batteries in the world. Ariens Zero-Turn 60′

3+4 – Yes on Gas stove and car. But I am a devoted compost creator. A must for the garden and some landfill diversion.

5 – Joy Behar – I have a job, I don’t watch daytime TV.

6 – Breastraunt – Twin Peaks in Scottsdale, AZ within the last six months.


Sounds to me like Judd F. has very little street cred inside the lib lib community. Let’s try a few more questions.

  1. Did you have a problem with Lia Thomas beating biological women out of a title and glory they’re worked for their entire lives?
  2. Did you have a problem with a biological male dominating women’s disc golf?
  3. Do you think police forces should be defunded?
  4. Do you think the economy is in a good spot when 67% of working Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency expense?
  5. Is Gavin Newsom doing a good job?

That’s it for this morning. Again, there are tons of emails piling up. I’ll get to them. Get your emails in with your messages to Lib Lib Judd F.


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  1. Tony Romo really is awful. I remember his first time calling a game. He correctly guessed a couple plays before they happened and everyone was blown away. He was quickly signed to a monster deal and has sucked ever since. Now whenever he tries to guess a play he is almost always wrong. Add that he is annoying as hell and you have to wonder how much buyers remorse CBS has. Im guessing quite a bit.

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