Yuengling Embraces Being America’s Brewery As Bud Light Continues To Plunge

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Yuengling is celebrating its 194th anniversary this year, and they’re embracing patriotism now more than ever — especially in the wake of the Bud Light mess.

“It’s our story,” Debbie Yuengling, the employee engagement and culture manager, told FOX Business this week. “We have a story that nobody else has. We’re America’s oldest brewery, six generations, and we’re super excited and proud about it.

“We’re very lucky,” added sister Wendy Yuengling. “We’re sixth-generation in a family business, and we get to work side by side with our dad which not many family companies can say.”

Yuengling soars as Bud Light sinks.

Yuengling sisters don’t shy away from patriotism amid Bud Light fallout

It’s been a BUSY few months for America’s Oldest Brewery, which has soared as Bud Light sinks by the week.

The sisters confirmed that they they remain America’s top craft brewer, selling more beer than any other U.S. brand with over 2.2 billion barrels per year.

They also said that their Pottsville location can still produce a whopping 900 cans of beer per minute. Insanity.

Yuengling, along with others, have happily scooped up fleeing Bud Light customers in the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco. Don’t forget, though — it was Yuengling that fired the first shot with a perfectly-timed tweet back in April.

Shooter’s shoot, baby!

The nation’s oldest brewery followed that up by leaning way into it’s American roots last month, unleashing these epic Stars & Stripes cans for the summer.

While Bud Light sales have plummeted for nine straight weeks — including an absolute plunge this past week — Yuengling’s stock has taken off like a rocket. During some weeks, the company has seen sales spike by double digits.

“I think that’s part of our story. Being America’s oldest brewery, six generations, and now four women that are going to be leading the brewery,” Debbie said.

And in case you think Debbie here is making it all up, think again.

Country music star John Rich, who owns Nashville-based bar Redneck Riviera, told Fox this week that Bud Light “went to zero” with his customers.

“Nobody would purchase it. And guess what they’re buying now? Yuengling,” Rich said. “A lot of people [are] moving to Yuengling, so we’re proud to have a brand like that at Redneck Riviera.”

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