Yes, We’ve Noticed The NFL’s Love For Taylor Swift And We Don’t Love All It’s About

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We noticed on Sunday night when the Kansas City Chiefs scored their first touchdown against the New York Jets, and as soon as running back Isiah Pacheco crossed the goal line, NBC’s cameras focused on Taylor Swift and her friends in their private box.

Their giddy celebration was apparently more compelling than seeing reaction from the exuberant Chiefs or depressed Jets that this night were demoted to mere featured players billed below the star in the suite.

We had already seen NBC show us Taylor Swift and her posse arrive at MetLife Stadium.

The network then cut to a commercial for Swift’s current album and upcoming movie on an early break. And we eventually got a full sales job by Swift paramour Travis Kelce, who these days is pitching more Covid-19 jabs from Pfizer that apparently can be washed down with a Bud Light, which he also has begun selling.

It was nauseating after a while.

Taylor Swift Attention Is Manufactured

Corporate men in the shadows would want you to think this was all organic. Those two dozen or so camera shots and strategically placed commercials definitely were coincidental with Swift showing up to Chiefs games the last two weeks.


The NFL, meanwhile, wants you to think Taylor Swift is a really big fan, and the singer and the Chiefs tight end are an item. It’s all up in our faces now.

And, yes, NFL we’ve noticed. But aside from just noticing we’re also aware.

We understand what you’re saying by showing us this stuff. We know what the spokesman and spokeswoman that you’re presenting are about. And I have to say, not everyone is buying it.

Not everyone loves it.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – OCTOBER 01: Singer Taylor Swift cheers prior to the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 01, 2023 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

NFL Intentionally Trying To Cash In On Swift

The NFL wants you to believe this phenomenon is organic. The league is intentionally placing Swift all over its social media platforms but joking about how this could possibly affect its bottom line.

Last week executive vice president of communications Jeff Miller kidded that Kelce’s jersey sales had experienced “an inexplicable increase” and that was something “we all are looking to see if we can figure out…”

Cute. But not everyone thinks it’s funny. And not everyone is quite so unsuspecting.

And if it keeps up it’s going to hurt the NFL’s holy grail stance about the integrity of the game.

The NFL has allowed its players to show a sense of humor about the game being scripted, which is humorous because it isn’t. But it definitely isn’t funny when we’re fed Swift at the game backing the Chiefs and suddenly the Chiefs are getting phantom calls late in the game.

Is NFL Officiating Tilting Toward Chiefs Success?

It’s not funny when an obvious hold by a Kansas City offensive lineman goes unnoticed but a late flag comes flying in after a Jets interception to nullify the possible game-turning play.

You may decide that thinking the game tilted in Kansas City’s favor to make the script read just right for Swift is a wild conspiracy theory.

It probably is.

But it’s out there, NFL.

NFL Embrace Of Swift Causes Issues

And it’s not just the suspect or, at the very least, questionable officiating that should give the NFL pause. The league itself is bending over backward to become a league of Swifties.

Some non-swifties who love the game because of, well, the game rather the artist in a suite are noticing. And, again, not loving it.

That includes, by the way, David Saleh, the brother of Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

David Saleh noticed that the NFL’s Instagram page on Monday morning proudly proclaimed the Chiefs are 2-0 with Swift in the house. That left a bad taste in his mouth following his brother’s defeat Sunday evening.

Chief Swiftie Is A Lefty

That’s only part of what is at issue with the recent Swift movement. Another part is Swift isn’t the universally adored icon her image portrays. Yes, there are 100 million people who love her music and love her looks and love her personality.

This just in: Idol worship has been a thing since the beginning of time.

But some people see Swift for who she is offstage — a side she has had no problem displaying.

So people know the Chief Swiftie is a passionate lefty.

She has every right to be that. But people have every right to disagree and dislike the fact the person the NFL has breathlessly aligned itself with is an artist whose entire music catalog is owned by George Soros, who is proudly pro-abortion, and who has publicly voiced her disdain for former president Donald Trump while showing love for Michelle Obama.

Taylor Swift Is Very Political

Swift’s ideological bent is not debatable because Swift herself proudly told everyone how she feels, even as she endorsed democrat politicians.

So this alignment is the NFL now? We’re tuning in to watch games and we’re getting a constant barrage of woke artists surrounded by other woke artists?

The NFL believes it is increasing its fan base by not just embracing Swift but giving her a bear hug. But this move comes with possible consequences.

There is a line that some common folks, upon whom the league’s popularity is based, will not cross. Those folks tune in to watch games, not be turned into amateur paparazzi. Those folks want to watch a game they can trust, not wonder if the outcome is tilted to fit a business end.

Those people are NFLies. And they have no intention of ever being swifties no matter how much Taylor Swift is shoved in front of their eyes.

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  1. Given Taylor Swift’s public personal life, this all seems very contrived for her to “suddenly” find interest in Travis Kelce the minute the NFL season begins, which just happens to coincide with her concert tour. Clearly, Swift does not need the money, but she has spent her career proving she is the bottomless pit of attention seeking.

    Honestly, I don’t blame the NFL for capitalizing off of it. The owners want money, Swift brings the attention for more money

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