‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Filming Schedule Gets Huge Update Amid Nonstop Chaos

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The carnage with “Yellowstone” might finally be calming down.

There’s been plenty of whispers about whether or not Kevin Costner was going to leave the show. Taylor Sheridan is reportedly furious with the situation, and there were reportedly discussions behind the scenes about starting a split-off series with Matthew McConaughey.

All the chaos had many fans wondering when season five would return if it did at all. Well, cameras should start rolling again soon.

Wes Bentley stars as Jamie Dutton on “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

Production on the rest of “Yellowstone” season five is right around the corner.

A profile of Wes Bentley revealed “he’s heading back to Montana to shoot the second half of” season five “in a few weeks.”

Originally, it was believed production would start in March. That didn’t happen, and then there were fears it might not shoot until late fall.

If we interpret “a few weeks” literally, it means season five will start shooting in April. That’s the best news “Yellowstone” fans have received since the mid-season finale.

After months of chaos and carnage, it appears the choppy waters surrounding “Yellowstone” might be finally calming.

When will “Yellowstone” season five return? (Credit: Paramount Network)

What will be interesting is what Taylor Sheridan does moving forward with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton character.

If the reporting is accurate, Sheridan hit a breaking point. Would he really kill off the face of the franchise? At this point, I wouldn’t bet against anything.

“Yellowstone” season five will reportedly start shooting again soon. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Where does the hit show go from here?

Now, all questions will pivot to where Taylor Sheridan takes “Yellowstone” after the midseason finale. War is brewing.

There have been a lot of spats between Jamie and Beth, but things are different now. Both are planning to have the other assassinated.

The boiling point has been reached. Who will die first? We’ll find out when season five returns.

With shooting getting back underway, let’s keep our fingers crossed season five returns before 2023 wraps up. There’s not a single fan in the world who wants to wait until 2024. Let’s get it done, Sheridan. Get it done.

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