‘Yellowstone’ Stars Discuss The Future Of The Show Amid Nonstop Drama

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“Yellowstone” stars Piper Perabo and Lainey Wilson are hoping everything works out in the end.

Currently, it appears the saga with Kevin Costner as John Dutton is speeding towards disaster amid rumors the face of the franchise might leave.

A stunning new report from Puck News even claimed creator Taylor Sheridan is “furious” and might be ready to kill the Dutton patriarch off.

If that happens, all bets are off. Yet, Wilson and Perabo are holding out hope everything is tied up nicely.

More “Yellowstone” cast members react to chaos engulfing the series.

While “Yellowstone” fans are growing increasingly concerned about the future of the show, the two women known for their roles in the Dutton universe aren’t sweating too much.

“You know what, I don’t know much, but I have a feeling they’re going to end it the right way, and there’s gonna be more of it. And I’m hoping I’m gonna be back in it … From everything I’ve heard about [Kevin Costner], he’s just as kind as he is talented,” the rising country music star said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Perabo backed up the nice comments about Costner and told ET, “He’s so amazing. He’s such a movie star and it’s so inspiring to be around an actor like that. I mean there’s always a lot of drama when it comes to ‘Yellowstone.’ don’t believe everything you hear! Taylor Sheridan knows to play it really close to the vest, and I know better than to speak outside the ranch, but I’m excited to see what happens next.

Is “Yellowstone” going to end early? Will Kevin Costner leave the show? (Credit: Paramount Network)

What does the future hold?

It’s interesting that both women felt the need to state on the record how much they love Kevin Costner. If the chaos didn’t exist, it wouldn’t be weird at all. The comments would just be viewed as something that’s normal and made in passing.

However, amid all the reported issues behind the scenes, it’s certainly a bit interesting. It’s like they’re going out of their way to let people know they like Costner. There’s also a very simple reason why the pair wants the show to continue. If Costner walks and “Yellowstone” collapses, their paychecks are probably also done.

They have every reason in the world to preach calm and remain optimistic. There’s a lot of zeros and commas with their names on it if the show continues. If it doesn’t, not so much.

Piper Perabo reacts to the rumors surrounding the future of “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

Hopefully, fans can get some answers here pretty soon. Season five was reportedly slated to start shooting again in March, but it now looks like that almost certainly won’t happen. That means we might not get the rest of season five until late 2023 instead of the summer as originally promised. It’s an absolute disaster. There’s no other way to put it, and so far, there simply doesn’t seem to be a resolution.

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