‘Yellowstone’ Engulfed By More Chaos, Taylor Sheridan Reportedly ‘Furious’ With Kevin Costner

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More drama is surrounding the future of “Yellowstone.”

The fate of the hit western series is up in the air amid uncertainty about whether or not Kevin Costner is leaving the series.

A previous report claimed he only wanted to work a week to shoot the rest of season five. Costner’s lawyer later denied the claim. Now, Puck News has taken a deep dive into the situation, and one of the issues at hand is the release of his civil war movie “Horizon.”

Will Kevin Costner return to “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Costner’s attorney reportedly pushed Paramount to acquire the domestic rights to the film. Puck notes “it wasn’t an express quid-pro-quo situation, but the Paramount people certainly felt Costner might suddenly become more available for ‘Yellowstone’ if the company agreed to board ‘Horizon’ and give it a late ’23 release.”

Paramount declined to do so, and Costner has told Paramount he’s busy making “Horizon 2” from March through October, according to the same report. That means the earliest the rest of season five could shoot would be this fall, and that would hint at a 2024 release if the situation doesn’t change.

Taylor Sheridan is reportedly not happy with Kevin Costner.

Costner’s reported lack of availability is also causing serious problems for Taylor Sheridan, according to the report. He can’t write the rest of it if he doesn’t know whether or not the face of the franchise is in or out.

Puck noted the relationship between Costner and “Yellowstone” has probably “run its course,” and “Sheridan is certainly furious,” per Puck’s sources.

Kevin Costner’s future on “Yellowstone” is up in the air. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

“Sheridan has considered killing off John Dutton before, but this time, as they say, it’s personal,” Puck further reported.

To put it simply: the situation doesn’t look good.

What will happen with “Yellowstone”?

Right now, it’s fair to say things really don’t look good for the future of the hit TV show. Puck News certainly paints a very grim future.

The reality is simple. Kevin Costner is paid a lot of money to shoot “Yellowstone.” If the distribution of “Horizon” is being used as leverage, he should recognize he’s paid to act. That’s his job, and it’s what fans expect him to do.

Suddenly becoming more available if the distribution rights of “Horizon” are picked up is not okay in the eyes of fans, myself included. Add in the fact Sheridan is reportedly not happy, and I think it’s safe to say we’re racing towards a disaster.

Taylor Sheridan is reportedly not happy with Kevin Costner. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

If Costner is out, which seems to be the case, let’s just hope Sheridan can give fans some kind of awesome ending. We’ve spent years invested in “Yellowstone.” The last thing fans want is a trash ending over a feud. Although, that would be very on-brand for the Duttons!

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  1. Hot take, Yellowstone is a pretty dumb show that has plot lines full of holes. The show is nothing compared to the spin offs 1883 and 1923. Go watch season one and see how little it makes sense. Its almost like its being written on the fly.

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