‘Yellowstone’ Drops Ominous New Season 5 Preview

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It looks like things will be very dark for one character on the new season of “Yellowstone”

We’re just 15 days out from the start of season five on the Paramount Network, and as we speed towards the premiere, more and more content is dropping to excite some fans.

Well, a new preview is out, and it looks like Jamie’s life will officially be hell on Earth. Buckle up and enjoy the latest preview below.

What will Jamie’s fate be on “Yellowstone”?

At the end of season four “Yellowstone” fans saw Jamie kill his biological father in a brutal scene, and then was caught by Beth dumping the body.

Now, he’s fully in his father’s pocket as the AG of Montana. With John Dutton sitting as governor and his adopted son as attorney general, the Duttons should be able to do whatever they want.

However, if there’s one thing we know about “Yellowstone,” it’s to always expect the unexpected. Jamie is also a schemer. That means we definitely should expect him to have a trick or two up his sleeves.

What will happen with Jamie on “Yellowstone? (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter video https://twitter.com/Yellowstone/status/1585753204729565184)

Fans have monster expectations for season five.

“Yellowstone” season four wrapped up in early 2022, and the audience has been waiting on pins and needles for new episodes.

Now, we’re just barely more than two weeks out. The hype is truly off the charts. Everyone is floating theories, speculating on what might happen and the best part is nobody truly knows.

“Yellowstone” returns November 13. (Credit: Paramount Network)

All we know for sure is there’s a time jump and John/Beth now own Jamie. Past that, everything is on the table with the Duttons, once again, threatened.

If history has taught fans anything through the first four seasons, threatening the Duttons is a great way to shorten your life expectancy.

“Yellowstone” fans are excited for season five to start. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Make sure to tune in November 13 and keep checking back for updates as we have them at OutKick. We’re in for a great season.

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