‘Yellowstone’ Producer Teases Major Season 5 News

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It sounds like “Yellowstone” season five will be turned up right from the jump.

The fifth season of the hit Paramount Network series with Kevin Costner is set to premiere November 13, and fans everywhere are searching for clues and hints about what to expect.

Well, it sounds like we’re in for a shocking time.

“Yellowstone” returns November 13. (Credit: Paramount Network)

“Episode 1 will immediately surprise everybody — where our story starts and what has happened,” executive producer David C. Glasser explained, according to TVInsider.

When does “Yellowstone” season five start? (Credit: Paramount Network)

While that’s certainly not a lot of info to go off of, the second half of that sentence is definitely the part you should focus on.

That seems to indicate there’s likely been some kind of time jump. Remember, season four ended with Beth facing corporate espionage allegations and Kayce’s ominous “end of us” warning.

Now, it sounds like fans are going to be in for a very unexpected journey the moment the opening credits on season five roll.

Fans are excited for “Yellowstone” season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

What we do know for sure is that there’s no doubt the new season of “Yellowstone” will be as gritty, dark and violent as all the previous ones.

The walls are closing in on the Duttons, and if history has taught fans anything, that means bodies will be dropping left and right.

Glasser’s comment just seems to indicate it might not go down in a fashion we all expect.

“Yellowstone” producer teases major season five news. (Credit: Paramount Network)

November 13 truly can’t get here fast enough. Fans are ready to ride with the Duttons again after what will be 11 months off. Make sure to keep checking back for the latest “Yellowstone” updates as we have them because we’re going to be following along like hawks at OutKick.

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