Kevin Costner Holding ‘Yellowstone’ Hostage Over John Dutton’s Fate: REPORT

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Kevin Costner reportedly might not return to “Yellowstone” until he likes the end of John Dutton’s storyline.

Paramount Network officially announced the show was ending with season five after months and months of speculation it was coming to a close.

“Yellowstone” is slated to return in November to wrap things up and then a sequel series will launch in December. Matthew McConaughey is the likely lead of the sequel.

Well, there’s now a new issue (shocking, right?) impacting the situation. Puck News reported the star actor and face of the franchise “won’t commit to returning until he finds out and is comfortable with how his John Dutton character is written out of the franchise.”

“Yellowstone” and Kevin Costner continue to be consumed by chaos.

This situation is truly starting to get ridiculous. Fans have invested five years of our lives into the western series, and it’s been enjoyable every step of the way.

Loyal viewers didn’t ask for and definitely want all this drama. Ever since the series premiered in 2018, fans have been desperate to find out how the story of the Dutton family and their ranch would end.

Would John fight to the bloody end? Would Rainwater and the Native Americans win? Who will live and who will die? These are questions fans have debated for half a decade.

Kevin Costner reportedly waiting to return to “Yellowstone” until he likes John Dutton’s ending. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Now, the show is coming to an unexpected end after five seasons, and it’s very likely the ending fans get isn’t the one we’ve been waiting for.

After all, the belief is several major characters will move over to the sequel series. Hard to have a proper conclusion if Taylor Sheridan has to keep certain major players alive.

Should Costner relax a little bit?

The reality of the situation is that Kevin Costner is an employee at the end of the day. A highly-paid employee making $1.2 million an episode, but still an employee.

It’s not up to him how John Dutton is killed off. Let’s be honest, that’s the ending and we all know it. However, Costner shouldn’t have any say in it and he doesn’t have a right to have a say.

That’s up to creator Taylor Sheridan. He still has to shape this rushed ending so it fits into everything else. Why should Kevin Costner be allowed to dictate anything? The answer is he shouldn’t.

“Yellowstone” ending with season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Taylor Sheridan should give fans an ending we deserve and then transition to the McConaughey sequel. Please don’t ruin the ending. Far too much time, energy and passion has been invested for anything less than an epic conclusion.

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