‘War’: Intense New ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Preview Drops

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Another “Yellowstone” season five preview dropped for fans Monday.

The latest season of the hit Paramount Network starts this Sunday, and there’s no doubt plenty of different theories are flying all over the web.

What we know for sure is that the new season will be gritty and dark as all hell as the Duttons continue to fight to defend their ranch. The latest preview makes that point crystal clear.

“I love Montana, but I’m doing this for our family,” John Dutton says to open the preview, and it’s off to the races from there.

Fire it up below and enjoy.

With every new preview that drops ahead of the new season, my excitement only goes higher and higher.

How can you hear Monica say, “We give everything to this land and I do mean everything,” and not feel ready to watch the Duttons, once again, go to war?

It’s simply not possible.

“Yellowstone” returns November 13 on the Paramount Network. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Hell, John Dutton – played by the great Kevin Costner – made it clear the family is “already at war” in the latest promo.

That’s about as clear as it gets. Violence and death is on the horizon, and as a fan of the show, I think I speak for everyone when I say that’s great news.

“Yellowstone” fans can’t wait for season five to start. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Fans have waited a long time for “Yellowstone” to return.

There’s no doubt Sunday night is going to be an absolutely epic journey for fans around the globe. By the time the premiere drops, we’ll have gone 315 days between episodes.

While it was under a year, asking “Yellowstone” fans to wait that long is pretty much an eternity. We want chaos, carnage and bodies getting stacked by Kayce, Rip and John.

We’ll get back after it starting Sunday.

What will happen in “Yellowstone” season five?

We’ll be releasing some cast interviews later in the week. Make sure to check back for those because I can promise you won’t want to miss them. Then, gear up for Sunday night starting at 8:00 EST. Another fun “Yellowstone” journey with the Duttons will soon be underway.

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