Hilarious ‘Yellowstone’ Parody Goes Viral

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“Yellowstone” might be an incredibly dark show, but that doesn’t mean it’s above being poked fun at.

The iconic Paramount Network series is currently on a mid-season break for season five, and the future of the show appears to be very much up in the air.

It’s slated to return for the rest of season five this summer. However, there’s also been some reports that Kevin Costner might be on his way out the door. Not only might Costner be on his way out, but Matthew McConaughey might be on his way in.

Fans aren’t happy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a few reasons to laugh:

Enter TikTok user Taylor Graysen.

Woman goes viral on TikTok with “Yellowstone” parody series. (Credit: Paramount Network)

“Yellowstone” parody blows up.

The popular TikTok star released a three-part parody series mocking the show’s some times over the top plot points and dialogue.

Even as a huge fan, it’s 100% not possible to watch it without laughing.


Replying to @breealatorre3 We got cowboy hats for this one #yellowstonetv #theduttons #television

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So far, those three videos have right around a combined 13 million views. That’s about the kind of ratings “Yellowstone” actually gets on TV.

That means Taylor Graysen’s parody is almost as popular as the actual show itself. Whenever that happens, you know you’re doing something right.

It’s also incredibly accurate. Yes, you can be a huge “Yellowstone” fan and also admit the show can be over the top. Hell, it’s part of the experience that makes it so fun and entertaining.

Her parody series perfectly nailed it. Her voice is also scary similar to Kelly Reilly’s as Beth Dutton.

Viral “Yellowstone” parody blows up on TikTok. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Given the fact nobody knows what will happen with “Yellowstone,” we need all the content we can get. Props to Taylor Graysen for giving the fans a show while we wait and pray it doesn’t go down like the Hindenburg.

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