‘Yellowstone’ Star Teases New Music

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It looks like “Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes will release some new music in the near future.

Grimes is famous for playing Kayce Dutton on the hit western show. Ever since the season one premiere, Grimes has been a major part of the “Yellowstone” universe.

Recently, he’s attempted to get into music, and his first single – “No Horse to Ride” – immediately blew up. It currently has just under 7.3 million streams on Spotify.

It looks like his music journey isn’t done just yet. In a recent Instagram post, Grimes announced there is “new music coming very soon.”

Luke Grimes is a man of many talents.

The man who brought Kayce Dutton to life for millions of fans is definitely a Swiss army knife when it comes to entertainment.

Lots of celebrities have attempted to stray into multiple entertainment sectors, and it usually ends terribly. There’s a reason people are actors and not singers and vice versa.

However, Grimes’ “No Horse to Ride” is a really solid song, and it plays perfectly to the “Yellowstone” fan base.

He can clearly sing. That’s obvious to anyone with ears, and the fact it’s country music makes it easy to sell. It’s the exact same fans that watch the show that made him famous.

The future of “Yellowstone” remains unclear.

It’s probably smart for Luke Grimes to expand his horizons given the fact nobody knows what’s happening with “Yellowstone.”

Is the show ending? Is Kevin Costner leaving? Does anyone know? A recent report claimed Taylor Sheridan is “furious” with the situation amid ongoing carnage.

Having a backup plan might not be the worst idea. The second half of season five has no current scheduled release date. That means Grimes might have a lot of free time on his hands. Doing a little touring around the country music circuit would be a great way to spend it.

“Yellowstone” star Luke Grimes teases new music. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Make sure to keep checking back to “Yellowstone” updates as we have them. In the meantime, let’s hope Luke Grimes drops some more fire music.

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