Kevin Costner Didn’t Get ‘Yellowstone’ Co-Worker Pregnant, Unnamed Source Tells TMZ

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Kevin Costner has somehow found himself embroiled in even more chaos.

Over the past few days, the “Yellowstone” star’s wife Christine filed for divorce and a bombshell report claimed he was leaving the series at the end of season five.

Now, there’s another unexpected wrinkle to the situation. An unnamed source tells TMZ Costner didn’t get a “Yellowstone” co-worker pregnant and that the claim is “total BS.”

Here’s where things get a bit strange. There was no viral claim Kevin Costner got anyone pregnant. In fact, the claim appears to be based on a tweet from an account with a total of 168 followers, zero likes, zero retweets and only 225 views.

Source close to Kevin Costner denies pregnancy rumor. (Credit: Twitter)

What is going on with Kevin Costner?

This denial is incredibly bizarre. Not because the rumor is likely false. It’s because virtually nobody is talking about it.

There is a second tweet in response to a TMZ story, but it’s from an account with the handle @Grannytologist. That’s what TMZ is citing in its story with the denial.

Source close to Kevin Costner denies he got “Yellowstone” co-star pregnant. (Credit: Twitter)

Why in the world would anyone close to Costner or the actor himself address this situation. Let’s run through the sequence of events.

It breaks Tuesday that his wife has filed for divorce, it breaks Wednesday he’s reportedly done with “Yellowstone” at the end of season five, and now, a person close to him has denied a pregnancy rumor nobody on the internet knew about.

Whoever was dumb enough to weigh in on this situation should be fired if they work for Costner because all they did was bring a bunch of attention to a rumor that otherwise was completely unknown.

Is Kevin Costner leaving “Yellowstone”? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Generally speaking, things that don’t require attention shouldn’t get attention. A rumor that is tied to a tweet from a meaningless account (no offense to the nice woman who tweeted it) with ZERO interaction is not worth acknowledging.

All you do by acknowledging it is shine a big bright light on something that didn’t need to be illuminated.

Kevin Costner pregnancy rumor gets crushed by unnamed source. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

It’s been an absolutely chaotic couple days for Costner, and this situation definitely doesn’t help.

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