‘Yellowstone’ Star Claims She’s Sometimes ‘Covered In Sh*t From Head To Toe’ On Set

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“Yellowstone” star Jennifer Landon isn’t afraid to get dirty on set.

The actress known for playing Teeter on the hit western series is one of the best parts of the show. Teeter’s rough persona has softened overtimed as she’s become integrated as a vital part of the Dutton ranch.

As a member of the bunkhouse, that means Teeter is often doing very dirty jobs, and Landon dives in headfirst on set to make sure things appear accurate. In fact, she often gets very messed up.

Jennifer Landon gets down and dirty on the set of “Yellowstone.” (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)

Jennifer Landon claims she’s often covered in “sh*t” on “Yellowstone” set.

“At the end of some days, it’s like, what’s the point? Because you were in cow poo poo all day and you’re going to be in cow poo poo the next day. There were days when we were literally covered in sh*t from head to toe,” Landon told PEOPLE when joking about there being no need to wear makeup or shower.

In fact, Landon gets so dirty on set that she ended up buying her own portable bath so she could clean off wherever she was.

“I travel with this tub device that I bought on Amazon and you blow up the ring and you can put it in a tiny shower and sit in this soaking tub. I have to be in the bath every night,” the popular actress explained.

“Yellowstone” star Jennifer Landon talks about getting dirty on set. (Credit: Paramount Network)

Her outlook on the situation was echoed by fellow star Kelsey Asbille, who plays Kayce’s wife Monica.

Asbille noted “there’s usually dirt and blood involved” when she’s filming because her character is “really going through it.”

Notably, Asbille was involved in a very violent season three scene where she helped Mo snipe a rapist.

The show is authentic when it comes to the dirtiness of ranching.

While some parts of “Yellowstone” are a bit over the top – see the love triangle between Lloyd and Walker for a great example – Taylor Sheridan does a great job when it comes to the day-to-day life on a ranch.

It’s not sexy. Not at all. It’s often very dirty, you get covered in mud and “sh*t” as Landon noted. That’s what life is like working with big animals.

And for those of you who don’t know, it’s very common for ranchers and farmers to literally hose down right where the animals are cleaned. On that front, “Yellowstone” gets it 100% correct.

“Yellowstone” star Jennifer Landon talks about how dirty she gets on set. (Credit: Paramount Network)

While most of the news surrounding “Yellowstone” lately has been pretty negative, it’s to get a fun one. Now, we can all get back to worrying about when/if season five will ever return. Let’s hope it does and let’s hope Landon and company continue to get in the mud for the fans.

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