‘Yellowstone’ Goes Completely Silent Amid Major Issues. What Might It Mean For Fans?

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A blanket of silence has fallen over “Yellowstone.”

The hit western series with Kevin Costner as John Dutton has been hit with serious chaos and carnage amid speculation about the show’s future.

A recent report claimed the show would end with season five. Since then, things have gone incredibly silent.

For the past several months, cast members have done plenty of interviews about the show’s future, what they’d like to see happen and more. The biggest question for the series for months has been whether or not Kevin Costner will leave.

However, since the bombshell report the show was ending, information about “Yellowstone” has been guarded like the nuclear codes.

Will “Yellowstone” end? (Credit: Paramount Network)

What does the silence mean for “Yellowstone” fans?

Generally speaking, no news is good news when it comes to serious matters. If a doctor doesn’t call you immediately after serious tests, it’s a sign they didn’t find anything that made it an emergency.

That’s obviously an extreme example, but the same logic applies.

Silence consumes “Yellowstone” as fans wait for season five updates. (Credit: Paramount Network)

That makes me believe Taylor Sheridan could be nearing a conclusion on the season five script and the cast is preparing to return to Montana to film whatever might come next.

Cole Hauser hinted at as much when he said he’d see Denim Richards and Jefferson White “soon.” His Instagram post came a couple days prior to the bombshell report about the show ending.

Could Taylor Sheridan be nearing a final season five script?

One possible explanation is creator Taylor Sheridan could be close or is finished with the rest of the season five script.

With actors having the script in their hands, an order might have come down for everyone to stop doing interviews and shut the hell up.

The last thing Taylor Sheridan wants is a leak. That’s pure speculation, but it would make sense.

Will “Yellowstone” end with season five? (Credit: Paramount Network)

It’s impossible to know for sure, but it seems likely the silence is a sign of a significant shift behind the scenes. No news is often good news. That’s how I’m reading the situation. Of course, that could also be wrong. Perhaps all hell has broken loose. Time will tell. Let’s hope everything gets ironed out. Fans deserve a great ending, even if it comes at the end of season five.

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