‘Yellowstone’ Ending With Season 5: REPORT

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“Yellowstone” will reportedly end with the conclusion of season five.

There has been plenty of chaos and drama surrounding the future of the series, and on Sunday, a producer of the series indicated big things were on the horizon for the rest of season five.

Well, whatever happens will reportedly be the end of the saga.

“Yellowstone” reportedly ending after season five, according to the New York Post. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

The end of season five will put a bow on the series that stars Kevin Costner as Montana ranch baron John Dutton, according to multiple sources of the New York Post.

Ending the show was always a possibility, and it appears that’s the path the Paramount Network will take.

Kevin Costner not leaving "Yellowstone," executive says. How long will he stay on the show. (Credit: Paramount Network)
“Yellowstone reportedly ending. (Credit: Paramount Network)

It’s not known when “Yellowstone” will return.

While season five will reportedly be the end of the hit series, nobody even knows when it will return to close things out.

The series is currently on a midseason break. It had been slated to return this summer. It’s clear that’s not going to happen.

The New York Post reported it’s not even known when production on the rest of season five will begin. Don’t get your hopes up for new “Yellowstone” episodes in the near future.

Fans should be very upset.

The reality of the situation is “Yellowstone” ending with season five, if that happens, is a massive punch to the gut.

Fans have invested years into finding out how the Dutton journey would end. Now, the series is reportedly coming to a close much earlier than anticipated.

My theory has always been only Kayce, Monica and Tate would survive. It would perfectly represent the Duttons and the Native Americans both winning, which has been the main battle of the series.

“Yellowstone” reportedly set to end with season five. (Credit: Paramount Network)

The situation remains fluid, but this is the update fans hoped would never come. It’s absolutely devastating. If it’s true, let’s at least hope Taylor Sheridan gives fans an ending we deserve.

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