Yankees Leave Aroldis Chapman Off ALDS Roster

The New York Yankees are gearing up for an ALDS matchup with the Cleveland Guardians, but they’ll be doing it without reliever Aroldis Chapman.

According to manager Aaron Boone, he was supposed to be at Yankee Stadium for a workout on Friday.

However, he wasn’t. He was in Miami instead.

That’s not the sort of thing that happens accidentally, and it probably couldn’t be chalked up to miscommunication. Still, Chapman tried to explain his absence, but Boone didn’t find it acceptable.

“I just felt like him not being here was not OK,” Boone said about Chapman. “I think he questioned whether he was going to be on the roster or not. But he needed to be here.”

Boone also added that he was disappointed in the Cuban-born, 2016 World Series champ with the Chicago Cubs. He also mentioned that there could be more discipline on the way.

The bad news for Chapman is that frustration toward him isn’t just coming from inside the clubhouse; it’s coming from upstairs too.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the team has had some concerns over Chapman’s commitment level.

“There’s some questions about whether he’s been all in or not for a little while,” he said. Chapman missed time earlier this season due to an infection he sustained after getting a tattoo on his left.

Chapman also wrapped up this season with a 4.46 ERA, the highest of his career. He is set to become a free agent over the offseason.

Game 1 of the Yankees-Guardians ALDS is slated for Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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