Yankees Announcer John Sterling Hit In The Face With Soaring Foul Ball

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Yanks play-by-play announcer John Sterling wears a tough hide.

During Saturday night’s face-off against the Red Sox at home, Sterling was calling the final at-bat of the night when an errant foul ball traveled all the way to the broadcast booth and struck the legendary announcer in the face.

Yankees closer Clay Holmes faced Justin Turner with a loaded count when a high-flying foul ball by JT reached Sterling. The 84-year-old tracked the ball until it landed on his face with a decent amount of force.


As relayed by Fox Digital News, Sterling suffered a small gash near his left eyebrow. “Ow! Ow! Ow! It really hit me. I didn’t know it was coming back that far,” Sterling said during the live broadcast.

A lesser announcer would have taken the subsequent game off, but Sterling took it like a champ and showed up to work the next day.

(cough Aaron Judge! cough)

“I took one for the team,” Sterling joked, reflecting on the incident.

This isn’t the first time a JT foul ball ended up in the headlines.

In May, a home game for the Red Sox saw a foul ball hit by Turner coincidentally landed on the lap of Boston Bruins forward Garnet Hathaway.

Baseball… what a strange sport.

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