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By now you know I don’t write for the Big J blue checkmarks, but it’s always nice when a big dog in the TV/talk radio world recognizes your work

There’s a big problem in the content business where bloggers/writers feel like they have to write for an audience of fellow blue checkmark industry peers who will then fawn over that person’s work and it will be great for climbing the corporate ladder. We’re left with an Internet where 500 people write the same way while this giant swath of the American public doesn’t care about some blue checkmark circlejerk.

That’s the lane I’ve been cruising down for nearly 15 years on the Internet.

There aren’t too many bloggers/writers willing to have a conversation like we’re all sitting around a high-top table at a dive sports bar laughing, chugging beers, and high-fiving over great plays without a care in the world.

It’s because 99.9% of the writers in this business are worried about their next job & what Steve the Corporate Suit will find after doing a Google search for that guy’s name. That ship sailed long ago for my career.

That brings me to Thursday and Colin Cowherd’s reaction to a tweet I sent out Wednesday from the OutKick Twitter account teasing a post on Aaron Rodgers dabbling in psychedelics to do some inner-soul searching.

“Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Blu of Earth, who had to address witch rumors earlier this summer, reacts to the Packers QB’s self-love journey via a psychedelic brew used by Amazonian tribes that causes hallucinations.”

I have to say I was rather honored by Colin’s recognition of my work because I stayed in my lane and was true to my mission to keep things loose and have some fun with Rodgers and this wild-ass girlfriend of his.

Now we keep the train rolling with my basic tenets of the Internet (in no particular order, it’s just how they came out of my brain):

  1. No seeking out praise from Cowherd or the blue checkmarks
  2. The audience comes first
  3. Don’t talk down
  4. Make someone laugh
  5. Keep things interesting
  6. You’re at a bar top having a conversation, embrace it
  7. When in doubt, back away and listen to the birds chirp while sitting on the patio

Wise words

• Bones Butler saw my post on Paige Spiranac sticking her toes in the LIV vs. PGA lawsuit waters:

“Everyone just needs to let this play out. Go play 18, hit the 19th hole and enjoy the summer. Let the lawyers do their thing.”

Everybody else just needs to shut the hell up about LIV golf. You just won the argument. 

I can’t get too bothered about the situation. Pretty sure the millionaires on both sides will be fine. 

My biggest concern in life is that I live in Panama City Beach, FL and done have a backyard that needs mowing. Can I just put stripes in the sand??

• Paul B. is also in on this LIV stuff:

I understand people are tired of the LIV vs PGA deal but I’m tired of something else. I’m tired of people saying “I just wish they were transparent”. WHO CARES!?! People are out trying to get money. Who cares if these guys are out trying to get a bag of cash and then trying to get back on the PGA tour, who cares what Paige does to get followers or whatever they are called.

(Yes I’m not on social media hence why Screencaps and Joe are the best things since sliced bread). Listen, you do you, and let other people do what they want to do, as long as it’s not infringing on other peoples rights or harming them in any way. People want to criticize other people until they get criticized for something they do. That’s the culture nowadays and the new American pastime. It’s a shame. Do unto others as they say.

OutKick header spacing

• Darren in McDonough, GA writes:

First off: 

one thing not mentioned about Daytona Beach: you can drive your own car on it (tide permitting). It used to be free since forever, but now it’s $20 for a one-day pass.


I’ve notice on the new redesign that your headers and the first line of the content is right up against the header. I know just enough to be dangerous, but if you have access to the html, you can add this code (Bootstrap) to fix this:

Old code: <h2>Outkick Redesign reviews</h2>
New code: <h2 class=”mb-2″>Outkick Redesign reviews</h2>

mb = Margin Bottom

You can use up to 5.

Response: Darren will be happy to know that Fox News Corp. Co-Chief Redesign Engineer Will McN. reads Screencaps and will see his email about the spacing. I was going to shoot Will a Slack, but now I don’t have to. Once again, this is the power of Screencaps.

Quick hitters off the top of my head

Things I was thinking about while out buying chlorine:

  1. When’s the last time you bought a magazine in a grocery check-out line?
  2. Do Jeep owners wave at every Jeep rolling down the road? I live 10 miles from where Jeeps are made so they’re everywhere in NW Ohio. It seems exhausting around here. Is it something like you’ll have 10 years of bad luck if you don’t wave at another Jeep owner? One of you can give me perspective on the Jeep wave.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com  

Black holes

• Chris in Nebraska came through with black hole videos my kids should watch:

Saw your post on black holes.  Here’s a link to an AWESOME YouTube channel that does deep dives into science.  I’ve attached a link for a couple of black hole videos.

Mini golf from space

• Drew L., the amateur drone pilot who asked to connect with Screencaps readers in the D.C. suburbs and then received instant connections, writes:

The bit about bringing your own putter to mini golf made me laugh. Haven’t played mini golf since I was little, but might have to give it a try now. And at my height, might want to bring along an extra long putter. As long as I’m not on a date…

I’ve photographed a few mini golf courses with my drone (only when no one was playing). They look cool from the air. Maybe we can drum up a resurgence for mini golf…


That should be enough for this morning. It’s Friday. The sun is shining. We made it to another weekend that you’re going to crush. As for me, I have nothing going on. It’s time to get back to living that patio life and preparing the garage for October.

Have a great day.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com  

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