X Misses The Spot: Elon Musk’s New Twitter Name Is Previously Trademarked By Meta, Microsoft

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Elon Musk’s newly renamed Twitter platform X could be the target of lawsuits after Meta and Microsoft already both hold the trademark for similar brands.

In what could possibly be another embarrassing blemish on the whirlwind that has been Musk’s Twitter ownership, Reuters reports that Twitter could face an uphill legal battle over trying to simply use the one letter ‘X’ as its new company’s name.


According to the report, there are already hundreds of active U.S. trademark registrations that cover the letter “X.” Most notably however is Twitter’s main competition in Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, which filed for intellectual property rights for the same letter back in 2019. The company reportedly owns a federal trademark that covers a blue-and-white letter “X” for all things related to software and social media.

On Monday, Musk announced the transformation of Twitter into the new “X,” replacing the platform’s historical blue bird icon with a single letter X in black and white letters. Meanwhile Microsoft has owned the X trademark in relation to communications and its Xbox gaming platform since 2003.

Although no lawsuit has been filed as of this writing, legal experts say that there is a very real possibility that one could come soon.

Personally? I think we should up the stakes for when Zuckerberg and Musk fight – let’s include the X ownership to it! Actually, with Microsoft now involved, we need scrawny Bill Gates in there for a triple threat match. Musk vs. Zuck vs. Gates. We already know that Gates can’t stand Elon. Let’s have Jeff Bezos referee it and Joe Rogan on commentary. It’d be glorious.



Already Musk is facing criticism for the new X announcement as many people are reluctant to change – especially on a platform that seems to be unveiling something new every other week. Musk’s Twitter Blue verification program has faced immense scrutiny, as well as a recent debacle in the amount of tweets one can view on a single day. Zuckerberg’s Meta Threads, dubbed the so-called “Twitter killer,” however, hasn’t been able to take advantage of Musk’s questionable decisions.

Elon Musk’s overall intention for getting rid of Twitter is because he wants the new X platform to be more than just a text-based social media platform. New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino, who formerly was part of the World Economic Forum and was a Covid vaccine-pusher, expounded upon the company’s X vision in which the company sees it as a marketplace for “good, services and opportunities.” AKA, a date collection of EVERYTHING.

That is of course if X can even exist.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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