WWE Superstar Liv Morgan Goes Viral After Hilarious Reaction At Knicks Game: VIDEO

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For the love of God can someone help Liv Morgan?!

The WWE women’s superstar went viral last night after video showed her looking completely uninterested in a guy who was talking her ear off courtside at Madison Square Garden during Tuesday’s Knicks game.

This is so cringe:

Someone please send this guy a book on lack of self-awareness.

Bro was so clueless thinking that Liv Morgan gave a single damn about his NFT collection or whatever he was yacking away about. My man’s gotta get a grip, just take the L and move on.

He’s now joined the long list of memes of other guys who have found themselves in similar situations. Some people just never learn.


The viral Liv Morgan video was only about 20 seconds of an entire NBA game. I can only imagine how the rest of the game went.

It’s unclear if Liv actually knew who the guy was. Many times celebrities are allowed to bring a guest at Madison Square Garden’s ‘Celebrity Row,’ and this could be someone she invited. Based on her reaction, I doubt it. She just had terrible luck having to sit next to a guy with a ponytail upon arrival.

For the Internet, a video like this is a damn blessing and they reacted accordingly.

When someone asked “What is his guy talking to Liv about,” the answers came in fast and they did not disappoint.


If I’m Liv Morgan or the WWE, I am running with this during Friday’s WWE Smackdown. For an entity like them – that can easily write in and add points to their storylines pretty much on the fly – they’ve got to strike this while it’s still hot.

If they do a bit where Liv is ignoring what her opponent is yelling at her about, or if she references the guy – boom, it gets people talking about it once again.

Until then however, at least we’ll always have this:

WWE’s Liv Morgan was uninteresting in what this guy was saying to her at Madison Square Garden. (MSG Networks)

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