WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray Responds To Former ‘NHL Enforcer’ Georges Laraque’s Call Out To Fight

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OutKick’s Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman spoke with WWE Hall of Famer and 24x Tag Team Wrestling champion Bully Ray about recent comments from former NHL player Georges Laraque.

“Oh, wrestling is fake – it’s probably so easy to do.”

Those are the famous last words from so many, including professional athletes in other sports, that think they could easily step into the squared circle.

However, 2x WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, also known as Bubba Ray of the legendary Dudley Boyz, has a simple response:

You can’t.

The outspoken, legendary wrestler known for putting opponents through tables may now have to show another former athlete that words have consequences.

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In an interview with OutKick’s Mike ‘Gunz’ Gunzelman, Bully Ray responded to former Montreal Canadian ‘enforcer’ George Laraque chirping him on social media.

“So he starts running his mouth… and listen, it’s one thing to want to fight me… but to get into a verbal altercation with me I am going to verbally assassinate you,” Bully began before saying that he would “knock Laraque the frick out.”

Last weekend Laraque challenged Bully to a fight on social media after the wrestler called hockey players ‘a bunch of fake tough guys.’


Laraque, who played in the NHL for over a decade, became known as ‘the enforcer’ on the Canadiens. If someone wronged one of his teammates, they would put Laraque in and he would take care of business. Throughout 13 seasons in the NHL, he was involved in more than 130 fights. In 2003, The Hockey News awarded him “The Best Fighter” award.

Bully Ray, who has faced some of the toughest and meanest people on the planet, was not impressed by Laraque’s random Twitter call out. He responded on social media in kind, calling Laraque a clown while also saying he had no idea who he was.

Laraque then responded:


After Bully tweeted a video of what he did to another NHL player – 4x Stanley Cup Champion and former Detroit Red Wings player Darren McCarthy (who jumped the guardrail during an IMPACT Wrestling pay-per-view that Bully participated in last weekend) – Laraque suddenly seemed to have had a change of tune. Apparently Laraque may have had second thoughts after seeing Bully throw McCarty through a table.

Rather than the ‘tough guy enforcer’ wanting to fight, or even wrestle, Laraque suggested a “charity boxing match.”

Bully essentially said the hell with that. Put up or shut up.

Former NHL player Georges Laraque has been tweeting at WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

“He tweeted me and was like let’s have a charity boxing match with gloves. And I was like, ‘What?’ Why would I want [to have that?] Why don’t you just step into a wrestling ring, we won’t wear any gloves and I’ll introduce my fist to your face and I’ll put you through a table and I’ll just knock you the frick out, like I did to your friend McCarty,” Bully said.

“I have zero respect for this guy Laraque. Maybe if he shows up in Canada, maybe he wants to jump the guardrail [like McCarty] did. And this guy is going to get it worse.. much worse, I will tee off on him so bad.

Bully Ray added: “If he’s an enforcer on the ice? What’s the first thing these enforcers do when they get into a fight – they throw their gloves off. So why do we need to have [boxing] gloves on? Unless of course George Lamont or whatever the hell his name is, doesn’t want to fight me and is scared.”

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When I asked Bully if that means he was going to pursue an actual match or a fight with Laraque, Bully cited Laraque as being insignificant, but said the puck is essentially in Laraque’s ice.

“If he shows up to an event [like McCarty did], jumps over the guardrail, steps into my world, steps into my ring, I will do the same thing to Laraque as I did to McCarty,” Bully began.

“What do I gain [by actively looking to fight Laraque]? I’m a 24x time Tag Team Champion. I’m a 2x time World Heavyweight Champion. I’m a 2x Hall of Famer. I have performed at every major arena and stadium around the world. This guy played hockey for a couple of seasons,” Ray commented. “We’re not talking about Wayne Gretzky here, we’re not talking about Mario Lemieux here, we’re not talking about somebody who is good or great at what they did.

“He’s a jobber. In his world of professional hockey, he’s a jobber.”


If it sounds like Bully Ray is defending the wrestling brand, it’s because he 100% is.

The longtime wrestler and co-host of Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation is never one to back down from speaking his mind. He has been an outspoken supporter of the wrestling business, something that he has been involved with for more than three decades.

Bully was also a vital part of the rise of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) which was pretty much absolute chaos throughout the tri-state area in the ’90s and 2000s. For those that claim wrestling is ‘fake,’ I urge them to check out some old ECW matches. There was fire, sticks, barbed wire and of course, the tables. All of which took place in fire halls, Elks lodges and similar venues every weekend.

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Being involved in the wrestling industry for so long, Bully has heard from countless detractors like Georges Laraque.

“There’s plenty of people that continue to hate on pro wrestling because they like to throw around the ‘fake world,’ until they actually get into the ring and they realize there’s nothing fake about pro wrestling,” Bully told Gunz.

“The physicality is 1000% real. And I’ve come across, in the ring, my share of professional athletes – you name it from every sport that there is, when they get an opportunity to step into the wrestling ring and do what we do for any length of time they finally admit “holy shit, this is not what we thought it was… this is the hardest thing in the world,” Bully Ray insisted.

“The lifestyle isn’t easy,” Bully continued. “The road is not easy, the physical toll it takes on your body is not easy.

“These hockey, football, baseball, basketball players all have seasons and then they take time off. Pro wrestling has no season. There was one time in my career where I was on the road 300 days performing every single night – perpetual state of action, wrestling, putting my body through hell. It must be nice having an offseason.”

Georges Laraque has had plenty of offseason’s since retiring in 2015 and has since been a part of Canada’s TVA Sports network.

Does he still have some fight left in him? We shall see if he decides to do what Darren McCarty did and jump over the barricade and step into the world of wrestling.

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Written by Mike Gunzelman

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