‘World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Player’ Ana Maria Markovic Won’t Be Quitting Her Sport To Model Full-Time

Soccer player Ana Maria Markovic burst onto the scene earlier this year in a big way.

The blonde beauty was quickly dubbed the “World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Player”… or sexiest “Footballer,” if you’re fancy.

Ana currently plays forward for the Swiss Women’s Super League club Grasshopper and the Croatia national team.

When she’s not playing soccer, Ana’s fighting against the label “sexy.”

The label has been attached to her in many articles since she started gaining attention and she’s made it clear that she’s not a fan. Despite her disapproval of the label, the added attention helped push Ana to over 972,000 followers on Instagram.

With a large following approaching one million followers, the questions about whether or not she would quit soccer for a more lucrative career as a full-time model have started to be asked.

In fact, this isn’t the first time she’s had to answer it.

For anyone worried that Ana might have changed her mind already, she hasn’t. For now, she’s going to stick to soccer and keep her modeling gigs part-time.

By All Means, Do What You Love

Ana said, when asked again about a possible move to modeling full-time, “I’d rather earn more money with what I love: football.”

That’s great. We can all applaud her for sticking with the sport she loves. The 22-year-old seems to be holding down both soccer and modeling just fine anyway.

If she wasn’t great at soccer she wouldn’t be on the national team in Croatia, they’re not putting any scrubs on that team. Likewise, if she wasn’t doing some special things in modeling she wouldn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers.

She’ll be doing both for as long as she wants.

Written by Sean Joseph

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