‘World’s Hottest Speed Skater’ Jutta Leerdam Is Dominating Her Competition

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There was another World Cup event last weekend that had nothing to do with soccer and should have received much more coverage than it did. The ISU Speed Skating World Cup took place in Calgary and one speed skater’s dominant performance to start the season is worth noting.

Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam is smoking the competition on and off the ice. With more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram, her work on the social media platform speaks for itself. On the ice, all she’s done is started her season off with win after win.

'World's Hottest Speed Skater' Jutta Leerdam Is Dominating Her Competition
Jutta Leerdam during the podium ceremony at ISU Speed Skating World Cup 4 (Photo by Andre Weening/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

Jutta’s red hot start was capped off last weekend with a gold medal in the 1000 meter event. It’s her fourth 1000 meter race of the season and her fourth straight gold. That’s the kind of start legends are made of.

The 23-year-old is well aware of her hot start and isn’t afraid to let everyone else know about. She took to Instagram and dunked on her competition with the caption, “4 out of 4 1000 meter World Cup GOLD.”

Jutta’s latest performance was a dominant one. She was the only woman at the event to finish the 1000 meters in under one minute and thirteen seconds.

In addition to sharing highlights from her most recent wins, the “World’s Hottest Speed Skater” shared a look back at one of her favorite photo shoots.

Jutta Leerdam Is Just Getting Started

The “empowering” shoot shows off the power of her legs. It’s something she hopes to share with her grandkids one day, “in 50 years.”

That’s many years from now. In the meantime, Jutta has more pressing matters to attend to. She has more gold to collect, competition to destroy, and a title as the hottest speed skater to defend.

As things currently stand she shouldn’t have much of a problem accomplishing all three of these tasks. She doesn’t have much competition at the moment.

Written by Sean Joseph

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