‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Shares Tips For Landing A Cougar

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Model and content creator Gina Stewart, aka the “World’s Hottest Grandma,” is back with some advice for those looking to land a cougar. The last time we caught up with the 52-year-old she was throwing some shade at OnlyFans while claiming to take her talents over to Playboy.

As it turns out Gina Stewart’s Gentlemen’s Club, as her OnlyFans is affectionately referred to, is still up and appears to be fully operational. In fact, if you’re looking for a deal now is the time to signup. The regular price of $25 a month has been cut by 80%.

Good for her. We didn’t come here to judge. We want to learn more about landing a cougar, which Gina knows a thing or two about. She is after all constantly being hit on by younger men looking for the cougar experience.

Unfortunately for a lot of them, they don’t meet her high expectations and she’s forced to turn them down. She’s decided to do the only thing someone in her position can do. She’s offering up some tips for those interested in successfully landing a cougar.

What do younger men need to do in order to stop being turned away? To start with they need to be confident and embrace the age difference.

“Older women are often attracted to younger men who are self-assured and comfortable in their own skin,” Steward said. “Embrace your age difference as something positive and showcase your confidence when interacting with her.”

That seems easy enough, but obviously there’s more to it and this is where things can get a little more difficult. While embracing the age difference that can’t be your focus.

The World’s Hottest Grandma Has A Lot Of Requirements For Landing A Cougar

You have to show interest while demonstrating your maturity and respect. There can’t be any generalizations made about older women based on their age.

“Treat her as an equal and avoid condescending or patronizing behavior. Show that you value her opinions, experiences, and knowledge,” Stewart adds.

“Everyone is unique, and it’s essential to treat each person as an individual. Avoid using age-related stereotypes or preconceived notions in your interactions.”

Now if you’ve been able to check off all, or most, of those boxes then you probably feel like there will be older women knocking down your door at this point. Well you’d be wrong.

On top of being a confident younger man, willing to embrace the age difference between yourself and the older woman, and being willing to not focus on her age while ignoring stereotypes, there’s even more work to be done.

According to Stewart, “Older women are often attracted to younger men who have their own lives, goals, and ambitions. Don’t become overly reliant on her for emotional or financial support.”

“And be prepared to face criticism or judgment from others regarding the age difference in your relationship. It’s crucial to handle these situations with grace and confidence.”

Again, that sounds like a ton of work. Honestly, what happened to catching eyes from across the room and falling for each other?

When did all these requirements need to be met in order for romance to sweep a young man and an older woman off of their feet?

Rest assured, if you’re willing to put in the work it will be well worth it. Stewart says, “Dating an older woman can be a unique and rewarding experience so embrace the journey, enjoy each other’s company, and focus on building a genuine connection.”

Written by Sean Joseph


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  1. I mean she’s hot but other than a one-night stand what’s the point? If you’re younger, already have kids, and are divorced/single, I guess it makes sense to pursue a relationship. But if not, what’s the point of locking down a woman in or close to menopause?

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