World Series Flasher Julia Rose Arrested For ‘HOLLYBOOB’ Sign Stunt

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Julia Rose, the online magazine entrepreneur who famously flashed her boobs behind home plate at the World Series, was arrested Monday for her latest publicity stunt. This time, the ShagMag founder turned the ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign into ‘HOLLYBOOB’ via a ‘B’ banner draped over the ‘W’ and a modification of the ‘D.’

Rose and five men were led off the HOLLYWOOD hillside by Los Angeles police, according to the Hollywood area commander who told the Los Angeles Times that a police helicopter responded to the area as the stunt was underway. It followed the crew down to Mulholland Highway where they were arrested.

“Guys…. I finally fixed the Hollywood Sign 👯‍♀️ #hollyboob,” Rose announced on Instagram before being arrested.

Rose and the men who were arrested were cited for misdemeanor trespassing. The commander said there was no damage done to the sign.

And with that, Julia Rose is officially back in the news during Super Bowl Week, a time when pulling stunts maximizes your exposure. That is, unless there’s some woman in Atlanta heckling LeBron James, and then you have a battle for attention on your hands. Julia Rose couldn’t have picked a worse night to pull her stunt because Juliana Carlos is out there going viral.

Julia Rose arrested HOLLYBOOB stunt
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  1. She’s the type of woman you don’t take home to meet the parents…in fact she’s probably the type you want to avoid altogether unless you are a glutton for punishment.

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