Wood Bunni Mud Wrestles During A 24-Hour Fit Girl Competition

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Wood Bunni burst onto the influencing scene with a brand of woodworking that took the internet by storm. She was an instant hit with those who were looking for a new social media influencer to add to their following list.

She was quickly crowned as the World’s No. 1 Woodworking Influencer. The title and quick rise in the ranks didn’t go unnoticed. Wood Bunni, who also does fitness influencing when she isn’t working the saw, had an athlete show up in the DMs earlier this year.

Wood Bunni Woodworking and Fitness Influencer
Woodworking influencer Wood Bunni doing some mud wrestling (Image Credit: Jesse James West/YouTube)

Wood Bunni’s success was, surprisingly, not welcomed by some in the woodworking community. There were other woodworkers who took issue with her content and her perceived lack of respect for the rules.

This added heat has caused Wood Bunni to change up her name on social media on a regular basis. It’s a preventative measure that allows her to avoid the jealous woodworkers who are trying to take her accounts down.

She’s gone by Wood Bunny, among other names, and is currently using a variation of Wood Baby on multiple social media accounts. But we’re not here for a full rundown of her path to the Wood Baby name. Some of you are here for the mud wrestling.

It was Wood Bunni’s fitness influencing that led her to a 24-hout fit girl competition held by fitness influencer Jesse James West. He hosted 20 women who competed in several events in order to win $1,000.

Influencer Competitions Are Quickly Becoming A Thing

The last two fit girls standing had to wrestle it out in a pool of mud to take home the cash. Spoiler alert, Wood Bunni, aka Wood Baby, aka Lizzy, was one of the last two fit girls.

That means she outlasted all but her challenger in the championship round of mud wrestling. That’s right there was more than one round of mud wrestling.

Did Wood Bunni get the job done and take home the cash? The answer to that is… yes, yes she did. Check out the mud wrestling at around the 13:00 minute mark.

Written by Sean Joseph

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