Woman Who Lost Part Of Ear In Fight Over Vape Pens Seems Pretty Happy In Mugshot Given The Circumstances

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A Florida woman who lost her ear in a fight sure didn’t look to be bumming too hard in her mugshot.

Talk about an eternal optimist.

What you’re about to read may be the most Florida sentence ever: according to The New York Post, 18-year-old Dixie Stiles and 23-year Macy Regan were both arrested following a fight over vape pens at a Fourth of July party in Callaway, Bay County.

Wow. Just wow.

According to police, Regan was leaving the party when Stiles approached her and accused her of stealing alcohol and vape pens. Regan allegedly pulled a 9mm handgun on Stiles, who knocked it out of her hand and the two began to fight. In the tussle, Stiles had the top of her ear chomped off.

Both were arrested and police said that the hunk of cartilage that Stiles lost couldn’t be reattached.

Both were arrested and booked, but what was most surprising was how much of a smile Stiles had after this incident.

No Way Most Of Us Would Be Able To Force A Smile For A Mugshot Under These Circumstances

She wasn’t cheesing super hard. Still after getting Evander Holyfield-ed and charged with battery, she seems pretty happy.

I’d be super bummed if someone bit off my ear. Like, it would take a long time to get a smile out of me.

Even if I went out and did the most fun thing ever people you’d get nothing. I’d be flying around a go-kart track or ripping tee shots at TopGolf with a big frown on my face and people would be asking me why I looked so sad, and I’d be like, “I’m just thinking about that part of my ear that got bitten off,” then I’d blast another drive into the back fence.

If I had my ear bitten off and then had to take a booking photo, I’d be inconsolable.

Not Dixie Stiles though, she was dropping smirks.

Meanwhile, Regan may be a little less happy as she is facing a charge of felony battery causing bodily harm. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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