Punches Fly As Full-Blown Melee Breaks Out After Indoor Football League Player Jumps Into Stands To Fight Fan

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Saturday’s game between the Massachusetts Pirates and Arizona Rattlers ended in mayhem. A brawl amongst players and fans led to multiple suspensions, which were dolled out on Monday.

The game, held at the Footprint Center in downtown Phoenix, had huge playoff implications for the Indoor Football League. However, the on-field play became insignificant during the fourth quarter.

There was just 32 seconds left when things took a turn.

Pirates defensive back Leon O’Neal Jr. jumped over the barrier into the stands to confront a fan who was yelling and pointing in his face. And then, as O’Neal made his way back toward the field, the chaos only escalated further as fans surrounded him and the brawl began.

The Indoor Football League broadcast announcers could be heard saying:

The Rattlers sideline is what warned me first. They were saying, “Oh, he’s hot, he’s hot.” We looked over to our left, and he jumped over and went to a fan.

He was in the fan’s face. I don’t know what he said… I don’t know what was said. But he hopped over there… didn’t even touch the wall.”

Five players and a coach were ejected, even those who tried to break up the fight.

Although the cause of the fight has not been announced publicly, it led to multiple suspensions. Indoor Football League commissioner Todd Tyron reviewed the tape and suspended O’Neal, defensive back Chris Ingram and linebacker Charles Williams indefinitely. Patrick Pass, Massachussetts’ Director of Football Personnel Development, will also serve an indefinite suspension.

The IFL also fined each of those who are suspended, as well as the Pirates organization.

The Indoor Football League takes pride in our effort to create a family-friendly environment. The actions of these individuals do not represent or align with these unwavering IFL values. The IFL sincerely apologizes to the Arizona Rattlers, Arizona fans, as well as fans across the country. The IFL will not tolerate this type of action.

— Todd Tyron, in a statement from the commissioner

While the fines and suspensions may be warranted, Tyron neglected the most important piece to the puzzle— what started the brawl? Why did O’Neal jump into the stands?

For all we know, putting the unacceptable way in which things transpired aside, O’Neal may have had a valid reason to go after the fan. Unfortunately, the unknown may never become known.

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