Woman Pranks Her Husband Into Believing She’s An OnlyFans Model, All He Asks For Is A Corvette

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YouTube content creator Monica Gartner set up a hidden camera to prank her husband by claiming that she had secretly joined OnlyFans. Not just joined the platform, but had become a huge star making an insane amount of money on it.

Gartner had her husband Sam enter a room as she sat on the bed in a naughty maid’s outfit. She was covered with a blanket and a camera on a tripod was at the foot of the bed.

YouTube Content Creator Monica Gartner OnlyFans Prank

The two regularly prank each other, but Sam seems to think he was about to get lucky after entering the room. Gartner then breaks the “bad news” to her husband that the room isn’t setup for him.

He quickly processes what’s going on and asks, “You’re not selling pictures online or anything are you?”

Gartner has successfully sucked him in at this point and replied, “I may or may not have started an OnlyFans… I’m not naked though.”

She adds, “I do have like 200,000 subscribers.”

Sam’s response is to ask why his wife why she didn’t buy a car for him for their anniversary instead of renting it for a day. After gathering himself he asks, “How much are you making through this?”

He does the quick math on her 2.99 per subscription with 200,000 subscribers coming to $600,000 per month and wants some details. After receiving some assurances that Gartner isn’t showing off her goods, he declares, “I’m literally never going to work ever in my life again.”

Still not revealing her prank, Gartner asks Sam if he’s mad about her new OnlyFans stardom. He admits he was until finding out how much money she’s bringing home. Our guy is setting himself up for some major disappointment.

Is Monica Gartner Leaving Money And A Corvette On The Table?

Sam says, “As long as you’re not showing anything that like, belongs to me.” Seemingly fine with his wife’s new side gig he adds, “Now you are buying me that Corvette. I mean, deadly serious. I’m going to order that tonight.”

“That is my fee,” he continued. “You keep a hundred per cent of your own income. Just get me that Corvette, please.”

Gartner eventually reveals that the entire thing was a joke. There’s not an additional $600k and there’s no Corvette coming Sam’s way. He admits, “Now I’m kind of disappointed that you’re not doing anything.”

There’s still hope for Sam. Gartner added at the end of the video that if she could make $600,000 on OnlyFans, she would join.

These days anything is possible. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, and another 340,000 plus on Instagram, she wouldn’t be too far off from an insane amount of money on the platform.

Would a Corvette, or the prospects of never working again, be enough to have your wife model in bikinis or sexy maid outfits for strangers?

People have done far worse for far less.

I can’t tell which move is the one to be more upset about. You’re significant other joining OnlyFans without telling you about it or making up that they’ve joined – along with an insane amount of money in earnings – when they really haven’t.

Written by Sean Joseph

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