Model Juju Ferrari Quits OnlyFans After Receiving Requests To Sell Her Breast Milk

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Social media influencers with large followings have been jumping on the OnlyFans money train for a while now. Very few walk away from the “easy” cash once they take their talents behind the paywall.

Influencer Juju Ferrari is among those who closed down shop on the exclusive content platform. The Brazilian Instagram model, who is approaching five million followers on the gram, revealed recently that she’s been receiving too many bizarre requests.

Instagram Model Juju Ferrari
Brazilian Instagram model quits OnlyFans over bizarre requests (Image Credit: Juju Ferrari/Instagram)

In a statement she posted on her Instagram story, Ferrari said, “Guys, I’ve waited a while to talk about this because I needed to process what happened.”

“But I think the time has come for me to reveal to you why I left OnlyFans,” she continued.

While the money she was making on OnlyFans was nice, the mother of four said after the birth of her youngest child the bizarre requests went too far.

She said about the requests, “They only got worse after my last pregnancy. I have never spoken publicly about this, but I decided to leave the platform after I was asked to sell my breast milk.”

“That was the last straw. After that, I realized that they had no more reason for me to stay there. That’s why I preferred to walk away from the platform and stay here alone.”

By today’s standards requesting breast milk is nothing. I thought the “bizarre” reason she decided to leave the platform would have been slightly more outrageous.

There are people selling bath water and jars filled with farts after all. Don’t get me wrong, requests for breast milk aren’t great, but I would think they’d also be easily ignored.

Instagram Is Apparently A Safer Place For Models

If breast milk requests were the last straw then maybe OnlyFans truly wasn’t for her. With nearly five million followers on Instagram, you would think there would be plenty of bizarre requests hitting the DMs there as well.

It’s possible that Ferrari’s Instagram followers are more civil than those who were subscribed to her OnlyFans. It’s also possible there were other factors contributing to the downfall of her exclusive content.

Either way, it’s an interesting strategy given every influencer and their mom – and in some cases their grandma – are on OnlyFans.

Written by Sean Joseph

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