OnlyFans Model Quit Her Other Jobs To Be A Megan Fox Lookalike Full-Time On The Exclusive Content Platform

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Last month was a rough one for Megan Fox. There was a ton of drama surrounding her relationship with fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Rumors of infidelity and a possible love triangle had the internet buzzing for a couple of weeks.

Things been relatively quiet on that front as of late. Mainly because Fox stopped fueling the rumors with her social media activity. It’s funny how that works.

Megan Fox lookalike OnlyFans model Taylor Ryan
OnlyFans model makes a living as a Megan Fox lookalike (Image Credit: Taylor Ryan/TikTok)

Life as a Megan Fox lookalike has been much smoother than the bumpy ride the actress has been on. All the perks of looking like Fox without the relationship drama. Just ask OnlyFans model Taylor Ryan. The 25-year-old is cashing in on the slight resemblance.

Things are going so well for Ryan that she’s been able to quit her barista and Amazon van driving jobs to be a Megan Fox lookalike full-time on OnlyFans. At $30,000 a month in earnings, it’s safe to say the career change was a smart one.

Ryan, who lives in England, has been an OnlyFans creator since 2018. She credits the comment section on her TikTok page with suggesting she looks like Megan Fox.

She started perfecting her look and in 2020 decided to be a Megan Fox lookalike full-time on OnlyFans. Before you know it the poor man’s Megan Fox was pulling in enough money to quit her other jobs.

Ryan now earns well into the six figures on an annual basis. Back in December she reached the $30,000 a month mark.

It Pays To Look A Little Bit Like Megan Fox

So what kind of content is she putting together for such a high salary? She’s filling a lot of requests from her subscribers. One even paid her $300 to recreate a scene from Transformers, that featured Fox looking under the hood of a car.

Ryan said of the request, “Once someone requested for me to wear the same outfit Megan Fox wears – a bra top and short denim shorts – to bend over the bonnet and open it. They paid $300.”

Other requests are a little more vague in the connection to Fox, “A lot of them are just for me to sit in a car topless and play with my boobs.”

I don’t remember that scene from Transformers, but I haven’t seen that movie in a long time. So it’s possible it was erased from my memory.

But Ryan’s high paying job as a Megan Fox lookalike isn’t an easy one. She says there’s a lot of admin involved and she works nine hours a day on her new career.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t having fun. She said, “My favorite part of the job is getting ready and seeing the look come together. I put my music on and have a coffee on the go, the glamming up part makes me really happy.”

Dream big kids. You too could kind of look like a celebrity, if the person looking at you squints hard enough, and the light hits you in a certain way. Then take that “kind of” resemblance to OnlyFans and charge people for it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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