Woman Finds Sam Brinton Wearing His Clothing From Stolen Luggage

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Samuel Brinton is a former Biden administration nuclear official. Brinton identifies as non-binary, at least most of the time. Mr. Brinton is also a luggage thief.

In December, police arrested Brinton with a charge of grand larceny in connection with the theft of a bag worth $3,670 at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Police alleged the man has also previously stolen suitcases containing jewelry, clothing, and makeup.

A fashion designer believes the same.

A woman name Asya Idarous Khamsin lost her luggage at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in 2018. She was unable to recover her lost clothing.

Recently, Khamsin read a story on Fox News dot com documenting Sam Brinton’s history of stealing luggage. She then looked him up, when she noticed something odd.

A photo caught her eye.

Sam Brinton has been wearing the custom-made outfits that the Khamsin lost in 2018. He stole her luggage, too.

I know what you are thinking: that guy was a nuclear official under Joe Biden?


Sam Brinton is a character too good to be true. He’s a living parody of the oddities of American society.

If brands like “SNL” and “The Daily Show” still valued humor — they don’t — he’d be among the most satirized figures. Unfortunately, he’s never mentioned.

There is a lesson here, however. If you once lost luggage that contained unusual clothing, search “Sam Brinton” under the “Images” section on Google.

Perhaps you will learn where your clothing, makeup, and jewelry ended up.

Written by Bobby Burack

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