Woman Arrested For Throwing A Trophy Football At Her Husband

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An argument between a husband and wife in Florida elevated to the level that items in their home ended up being thrown. Things really took a turn when the woman picked up a trophy football in a plastic case.

When the dust settled, 64-year-old Glenda Turner was arrested for battery. According to the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office, she became upset with her husband, John Turner, after he purchased the wrong pickles.

Florida Woman Arrested Trophy Football
Florida woman arrested over a pickle argument (Image Credit: Bradford County Sheriff’s Office)

The type of pickles John purchased were not revealed, but they were not to Glenda’s liking. So she decided to throw things at him. He attempted to walk away from the heated pickle argument, but Glenda followed.

John had been down this road a thousand times. He made his way to his trusty recliner and kicked his feet up waiting for Glenda to calm down and take a nap. What happened next was the point in the argument where his wife started throwing things at him.

Glenda reportedly picked up a “wooden novelty piece” and threw it at her husband, hitting him in the right ankle. John didn’t give her the reaction she was hoping for. All he did was pick the item up and place it on the entertainment center.

Her next move got John’s attention. She picked up a trophy football in a plastic case. When she tried to throw that at John, he had no choice but to stop her. This is his favorite item.

John tried to stop her from throwing the ball. At one point he let her go and she fell into a door, dropping the football and causing her arm to bleed.

This All Went Down Because Of Pickles

Glenda didn’t want medical attention and John didn’t want to press charges. He was given a Victims/Witness Right brochure and a Domestic Violence brochure.

She was arrested without incident and taken to the Bradford County Jail.

Grabbing the trophy football during an argument over the wrong pickles is a step too far and completely uncalled for. Anything but the trophy football.

Glenda knows this. But something tells me that John stopped and picked up the correct pickles after picking his wife up from the jail.

Written by Sean Joseph

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