Woke Left Are Collapsing, Beginning To Lose Culture War

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The wokes are on the verge of an inevitable collapse, refusing to pivot and desperately trying to hold onto what gave them a means of influence.

The vulnerability of the social justice takeover began to appear last fall when its participants failed to cancel Dave Chappelle for the crime of performing comedy. At the time, it was the most notable failed cancellation effort to date. Chappelle’s survival proved that the progressive vultures are incredibly weak, so long as companies and individuals do not cave into submission.

Though they looked mighty in stature, the woke Left never quite captured the support of the country. Most Americans never liked them. It only seemed that way because they had so successfully taken over our most influential institutions — the media, tech, Hollywood, sports, and academia — and thereby controlled public messaging. Today, we see that the rest of the country is finally fighting back.

And they are winning. Here are some developments just in the past week:

What has changed?

Radicalized institutions have become a net negative for progressives. The Left is losing influence over the consensus conversation because even moderates have begun to resent their abuse of power.

Americans have notably revolted against the corporate press, the most effective source of messaging. Journalists and anchors can no longer turn Americans against one another because Americans, by and large, have turned on them.

Last week epitomized the fall of legacy media when a so-called “journalist” named Taylor Lorenz sought to destroy the creator of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, an account that merely reposts videos that goofy liberals have already published of themselves. For the sin of sharing public content, Lorenz tried to destroy the Libs of TikTok creator and her family. Yet in a plot twist everyone except Lorenz saw coming, Lorenz accidentally helped grow the Libs of TikTok account to more than one million Twitter followers. She also exposed herself as a disturbed sociopath in the process. Who knew?

The Libs of TikTok/Lorenz story followed a similar trajectory to the politically-motivated witch hunt waged against Joe Rogan, which, according to Rogan, grew his podcast by two million subscribers.

“It’s interesting, my subscriptions went up massively — that’s what’s crazy. During the height of it all,” Rogan said last week.

Meanwhile, CNN, the primary outlet that tried to ruin Rogan’s life, couldn’t keep a $300 million streaming service on air for more than three weeks.

This is the state of the cultural divide: character assassins who have set out to expose their enemies have ultimately exposed themselves. When you point one finger at someone else…

This explains why politicians and activists are in an apocalyptic freakout over Elon Musk purchasing Twitter in an effort to restore free speech on the internet. Because the woke never had a large or skilled enough army to hold off freethinkers, they’ve had to rely on censorship to fortify against the dissidents.

And Twitter had long been their greatest weapon. The verified crowd, with an assist from Big Tech overlords, was able to drown out dissenting voices in an effort to penalize wrongthink. They managed to normalize even the most asinine talking points, including that COVID originated from an exotic wet market and that men can give birth, because the gatekeepers disallowed the opposition to confront them.

Then, Musk bought Twitter and disrupted the entire strategy.

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” Musk said in a press release on Monday. “I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential — I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.”

If Musk unlocks Twitter as promised, the “politically correct” will lose their last remaining tool of influence. If suppression of free speech is their final gasp for air, Musk just stepped on their throats.

So the advantage in the culture war is shifting quickly. Previously dispirited Americans now see how fragile these paper tigers have always been. 

It’s unfortunate that it took years of online smear campaigns, the installment of CRT training programs across the country, and social media companies interfering with the 2020 presidential election for the pendulum to swing. The weak can only win when you willingly play by their rules, and we willingly played by their rules for far too long.

At this point, the far Left may completely self-destruct because when ideology becomes a religion, its adherents never know when to stop. Now many are literally paying for it. The devout believers at Disney have just lost special tax and land privileges because they so desperately want to preserve the demonic anti-sacrament of grooming schoolchildren. Public school officials in Virginia suffered a similar fate last November when their infatuation with skin color cost Democrats executive and legislative elections in the commonwealth.

This entire campaign has always had an expiration date. Its existence was never to create a more equal society but to advance the social status of corporate and political leaders and to defeat the opposition. Wokeism has never bettered anyone. In fact, it has fractured families, communities, companies, and institutions across this country. Some of which will not recover.

But neither will the woke Left. Their stranglehold on public messaging has weakened. It is now a losing strategy.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Although I wish the headline was true, the Left is only losing some recent battles. They are still winning the war. In the last couple of decades, we’ve gone from tolerating to accepting gays to gay marriage and now bending ourselves into pretzels around ”gender identity”. They are trying to normalize pedophilia and although we are pushing back now, they are not going to stop. Can make similar arguments about education (indoctrination) from the colleges now at the elementary school level and shall we discuss drugs? Can’t smoke tobacco but can light up a joint in a lot of places (something I got booted out of Fenway 40+ years ago)

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