Woke Disney Is Going To Infuriate The Coronabros With Its Latest Decision

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Even woke Disney has jumped off the COVID mask bandwagon. In a statement released Tuesday, the alleged “Happiest Place On Earth” announced that Walt Disney World will no longer require masks at its Florida properties.

While masks are still “recommended” for guests who aren’t fully vaccinated, Mickey’s handlers say masks are no longer required indoors and that includes on park transportation and inside theaters.

And in case you’re a complete maniac and you treat your kids like they’re going to magically catch the ‘VID at Typhoon Lagoon, the park has updated guidance.

“Please note, face coverings are not permitted while experiencing water slides or in the water,” the park said.

Disney joins major airlines, Uber, and Lyft in dropping mask mandates.

“Help keep each other healthy,” Disney said at the end of its new COVID warning.

How are the corona bros taking this Disney mask news? About as well as you’d expect. Here’s a small sampling:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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    • This is 100% accurate. That also goes for including vax status, wearing a mask, “supporting” Ukraine, and any other Current Thing. It’s sad to see how many people were this weak and broken all along and have recently been exposed as such.

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