Woke All-Star Is Furious News Outlet Won’t Conform To Her Views While Telling Micah Parsons’ Life Story

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And some of you wondered how Athletic sports writer Nicole Auerbach made her way into the 2021 Woke All-Star Challenge. HAHAHAHAHA….that will be the last time you question the WASC commissioner. The woketress was at it this week, building up her 2022 woke resume when she went after PennLive.com for using — ‘Spared from abortion’ — in a subhead to its profile of Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons, who is expected to be a mid-first round pick in next week’s NFL Draft.

Nicole was instantly triggered. How dare this legitimate news outlet run “Spared from abortion” in a subhead and then put it on social media. The audacity! This cannot stand. This news outlet will conform to my beliefs. You cannot mention spared from abortion!! I want to talk to a manager.

Well, I have news for Nicole, not only is this Micah’s life story, but he’s also very appreciative of reporter Brian Linder for telling it as his life is about to change through the NFL Draft. Parsons trusted Linder with his story, and it includes Parsons’ mother, Sherese, contemplating aborting her pregnancy. She already had two kids and wasn’t sure if she could afford another mouth to feed, according to Micah.

“She talked my mom out of it,” Micah said of Sister Hall from a local Harrisburg church. “I think that is why (my mom) was always like, ‘God looks over you, son, and you should continue to keep doing good things in your life and give back to God.’ That was one of the first lessons she taught me.”

Linder’s exhaustive profile of Parsons doesn’t gloss over the fact that the linebacker has had his share of issues along the way. It’s not complete fluff. The profile shows that Parsons has flaws like all of us, but here he is sharing with the world that it’s not always been easy to live this life he was given.

“It’s a hard-knock life. But it shows it can be done. It can be done, if you have support and structure,” one former neighbor of Parsons’ family told Linder.

Now a college graduate with a degree in criminology and a father of a young son, Parsons isn’t in the mood to gloss over where he’s come from or where he’s going. It’s all out there, including the part about the pending abortion. Meanwhile, Auerbach and those like her have a problem with where the story started. How dare Micah tell this part of his life story? How dare a news outlet use a key moment in Parsons’ life in the subhead. So sickening, right Nicole?

By the way, go read the story, it’s some serious local journalism that you don’t see much of these days.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. I’d wonder how many abortions Ms. Auerbauch has had.

    No matter how much the abortive/contraceptive mindset tries to take over in liberal white women…children are always a blessing.

  2. Am I missing something? Nicole Auerbach, a vocal believer in “Right to Choice,” is furious that a woman made a choice and she ended up being very happy with her choice?

    So tolerant. A clear champion of women’s rights…

    • The so-called “right to choose” people want the choice to be abortion all the time. They get upset when a woman chooses not to have an abortion. “Right to choose” is a lie. Women can’t decide to change their minds about having an abortion. It’s why they want to get rid of crisis pregnancy centers. They offer women a choice to let their babies live.

  3. She is ugly inside and to the eye probably doesn’t get laid often except after last call to some hammered desperate degenerate but to avoid complication from said hookup someone please take her to vet to be fixed.

  4. Okay Nicole let’s unpack this for you.

    In your world I realize that getting an abortion is the law of the land. That doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. I am not aware of any other outcome other than the death of the fetus. Now if this young man had been aborted, you would have nothing to write about. Just another child of color cast aside in the name of choice. Oh and also, you should research Margaret Sanger. She’s no doubt and icon in your world.

    It’s not surprising that the Athletic is circling the drain.

  5. My wife was born to a 15-year old who was told to abort and chose not to. Chose to give her up for adoption instead. What a blessing my wife is to so many, including our own four children. Amazing how little others’ lives and choices matter to the woke idiots.

    • Amen, brother…my wife and I tried and couldn’t, BUT, someone about to have her third and couldnt do it put her child up for adoption and here we are…someone else’s irresponsibility turns into someone else’s greatest gift in life

  6. Nicole Auerbach, is a human that i have to share the planet with??? and i wont call her what she actually is, because, well you know, ill just keep that in my back pocket…but, wow, what a human she is…

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