Woke All-Star Dan Wolken Is Mad Bruce Pearl Supports Senator Tim Scott

Dan Wolken, who made it all the way to the Identity Politics Final Four of the OutKick Woke All-Star Challenge, took some time off after his loss to Karen Rovell, but he’s back to his old ways and this time he has his woke sights set on Auburn basketball coach Bruce Pearl.

What crime did Coach Pearl commit? He agreed with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s response Wednesday night to President Biden’s address to Congress. That’s all it took for Karen Wolken to snap to it and get all woke.

“Bruce Pearl’s Twitter feed is regularly a font of right wing politics but it’s certainly an interesting choice to see a college coach who recruits Georgia vigorously promote a speech that explicitly endorsed the controversial voting law in the state,” Wolken tweeted.

Wolken was joined by fellow blue checkmark elite Jeff Pearlman, famous for his Sports Illustrated interview with John Rocker, in blasting Pearl for agreeing with Senator Scott. The recurring theme from the woke checkmarks is how this stance should hurt Pearl when he goes to recruit the inner-city.

Well, fellas, if Bruce’s stance is going to hurt him, that should please you. If these two hate Bruce so much this shouldn’t be so triggering to them. They should be rejoicing with Bruce’s stance. They should be so happy coaches who recruit against Bruce have this firepower.

Bruce, 61, has figured out a way to stick around college basketball for 17 years, even after a few meetings with NCAA investigators. Karen and Jeff are nuts if they think some random tweet about supporting Tim Scott’s rebuttal of Biden is going to be what takes him out, what cancels his college coaching career.

Good try, wokesters.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • Agreed. It has to be a mental disease. Imagine if two conservative white journalists wrote something similar about a coach’s support of Stacy Abrams for example. The shit storm of fake racism claims would never end. Here Twatter (yes I meant Twatter) couldn’t care less because a GOP member is being attacked. Politics trumps everything, that little letter beside someone’s name is all that matters.

  1. Why do these sissy white guys think they speak for blacks? And do they think all blacks are from poor inner cities? Perhaps this dummy Pearlman would like to school us on 60 years of Democrat control in these cities and how successful the Democrats would have been if not for the GOP. Amazing how much control the GOP has. What this nincompoop doesn’t understand is that spending on schools , job training and ancillary programs has NEVER been higher, and that pre-dates Biden. Ignorant leftist tool.

  2. These guys are liars, ignoramuses and frauds. They didn’t read the voting bill; they don’t know that raising minimum wage so aggressively would hurt the fine black-owned businesses in Georgia; they don’t get that schools within better business environments do better from boosters to donations to civic pride; they don’t get how wasteful the government is when spending money with little accountability; they don’t understand what LBJ’s “great society” has done to black families. I hate idiots like Pearlmann and WolktardWolken

  3. These shit stain sportswriters make their livings in a business based on freedom of speech and other Constitutional protections, but they feel compelled to criticize and try to cancel people who differ with their ideology. Flip the script and they wouldn’t have the guts to go after a leftist coach like Popovich, risking the wrath of the anonymous social media mobs.

    Couple of jerk babies veering way outside the lanes of what their jobs are. Hope their media outlets choke and die — and any books they write sell about as well as Hunter Biden’s.

    Can anyone accept anymore that people are going to have different opinions, and just move on without appointing themselves suck-up hall monitors who attack others’ livelihoods?

  4. Is Jeff Pearlman’s dumb ass actually inainuating by his tweet that he actually is the all-knowing when it comes to basketball players “interests”?

    It is so true what Tucker says about the “left” and their leadership; that they are the most narcissistic group of racist bastards to ever walk the 🌎.

    I hope they all die a miserable death, I really do.
    What miserable people they all are.

  5. Wolken is still going with “the controversial voting law” huh? Ok. As Seth said in his post, he probably didn’t even read the bill or also very possible, he didn’t understand it. I seriously feel like I’m in a bizarro world with these leftists. They want to paint conservatives as racist yet when I see the reactions by the left when a black conservative speaks up it’s “Uncle Tom”, “coon” or “you ain’t black”. Another favorite of mine was when Hilary went with the “ I bring my hot sauce everywhere” when being interviewed by a black host. How do they get away with this and then have the nerve to yell “racists” across the aisle. It’s crazy.

  6. Why would he be mad about Donald Trump or Jan. 6. The election was stolen bone head. You’re lucky all that happened was a large capital visit. No real audits have taken place until now. If you run the ballots thru a rigged machine 2 times you’ll get the same result obviously. That’s why the were always phony audits. Lets see what happens in Arizona, but I’m still not convinced the dems haven’t covered their tracks since they’ve had 4 months to do so.

  7. White liberals are black people’s enemy. They just want to keep them in their place and claim to know what’s best for them. Not to mention they believe a black person can’t acquire a valid ID.

  8. Malcom X said it best on behalf of the black population when he said that blacks should have more fear of the white liberals.
    Al Sharpton was sitting there listening to Malcom X but you see where Sharpton has now set his wheels and it’s on the white liberal side.
    The white liberals of today are the new men/women (Big Tech) on top of the hills looking down on the blacks that are looking up to their new masters.

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