Jemele Hill Smashes Karen Rovell, Wins Inaugural Woke Challenge

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Like Baylor smashing Gonzaga right out of the gate and then not letting off the gas, Jemele Hill showed the world this week that her brand of woke is the undisputed champion, and at this point in history, it’s going to take a complete miracle to dethrone her. Hill took an astounding 80.6% of the vote in the Woke All-Star Challenge Championship against COVID fan Karen Rovell en route to the inaugural championship that took the social media world by storm.

Jemele celebrated her title by appearing on Don Lemon’s CNN show Tuesday night where she railed on Georgia voting laws. One other thing to note from Jemele’s championship run is what triggered her over the weekend — the right’s use of “woke.”

I have news for our woke champion — she’s now the champion of woke, so there will be zero canceling of a word that represents her brand and this championship. In fact, I assume the OutKick t-shirt team will be releasing a championship shirt of some sort. Maybe a VHS tape of Jemele’s greatest tweets like Sports Illustrated would pump out with subscriptions.

Woke All-Star Challenge recap:

• We heard all sorts of suggestions, praise, questions, concerns over bracket seeding and hate from numerous people as we navigated through this challenge. Were there mistakes made? Yes. Were there seeding issues? Absolutely. The truth is that I kinda threw this together in about 25 minutes, created some art, and away we went. I threw the brackets together, came up with woke names for the regionals and we had a tournament.

• That said, Clay’s brain is now wrapped around this one, and we’ll have an actual committee in 2022. I assume there will be a woke challenge participant reveal as ABC does with Dancing with the Stars. Maybe a sponsor. And a concrete voting system from the OutKick IT department. The boys in IT said they’ll need a couple of weeks of lead time to make sure they’re ready the next time. That means I’ll start emailing them in late October to make sure I’m on top of things.

• Jemele could go a decade without finding a competitor. We’re talking a Celtics run from 1959-1966 when Red’s boys won eight in a row.

• I better not be running this challenge a decade from now.

Woke Challenge Champion T-Shirt

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Like I said we should just rename the tourney after her…because unless there’s some feisty mid major woke journalist in the pipeline who is scouting and recruiting upcoming woke talent…she’s got this for at least the next few years.

  2. @ Ray ——–You beat me to the punch!!! I was going to say that as well…Jemele’s prize should be that we rename this tourney going forward…..THE JEMELE HILL WOKE INVITATIONAL……and make it a true 68 person tournament, just like March Madness. There’s more than enough people each year that would easily fill up the bracket…….Oh, and another thing….Jemele’s birthday is December 21st….maybe we could also honor her with not only changing the name of the tournament, but have the Championship be played on her birthday!!!!

  3. Jemele has all the tools to be a woke all star for years to come.she is a generational woke talent because she has no integrity and is willing to tell any lie whatsoever and no matter how contradictory it may be. she is also willing to sell out her own race and disparage her own mother. she also has the backing of jack dorseys army of twitter bots and also the backing of both white and black liberal elites in hollywood. like others have said there simply was no stopping jemele’s woke title run.

  4. Congratulations to the fat, bo ugly, sadist piece of shit, cornrow wearing racist motherfucker Woke Jamele Hill. The dumb fuck even accuses the right for cancel culture. That’s a left thing, moron.

  5. I want to see a real debate between Jemele Hill & Candace Owens. It would be as good or better than Ali vs. George Foreman….though we all know Candace would mop up the floor with her. It would be more like Ali vs. George Jefferson.

  6. I enjoyed this contest as well. Just not sure if she’s aware of her championship. I hope Outkick mails her a woke trophy or medal to make sure she gets triggered over being the champ of the word she hates. Outkick I will personally contribute towards this if necessary.

  7. She’s mad people have appropriated “woke” and use it to mock the whole woke movement?
    That’s the pinnacle of wokeness.
    Woke, woke, woke, woke, woke, woke, woke, woke … suck it, Woke Champ!

    (Seriously, taking their toxic and warped use of words away from the Left is essential to disarming them.)

  8. Great content from a fellow Buckeye. I’m with Ray though, maybe from now on it could be the Jemele Hill Woke Invitational. No one can touch her wokeness but there are plenty of woketards who need their chance to shine. They can’t shine in her massive woke shadow.

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