Wizards’ Bradley Beal Sued For $50K After Allegedly Smacking Fan

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Postgame meetings between an NBA player and heckling fans usually don’t end well. Such is the case for Bradley Beal.

The Washington Wizards guard is being sued for $50,000 after a postgame altercation with Orlando Magic fans got physical. On Mar. 31, an Orlando heckler at Amway Arena targeted Beal over a failed bet, shouting obscenities and prodding the NBA player.

According to the plaintiff, Kyler Briffa, his friend at the game shouted, “‘You made me lose $1,300, you f**k,'” in Beal’s direction as he walked to the players tunnel.

Beal’s Costly Response

Briffa felt the brunt of the Beal’s anger. He detailed that Beal walked over and smacked Briffa in the face, causing his hat to fly off. A police report against Beal was filed the following day (Mar. 22).


Beal reportedly warned the fan:

“When you disrespect me, I’m going to press you about it. Do you think this is a joke, do you think this is a joke, do you think this is a joke, do you think this is a joke … because when I press you about it, what are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing?”

On Tuesday, as reported by The Washington Post, Briffa announced his lawsuit. Briffa is demanding over $50,000 in damages due to “emotional distress, mental anguish, fear and humiliation.” The lawsuit added that Briffa dealt with “pain and suffering and loss of capacity of enjoyment of life.”

The 11-year vet admitted players are noticing an uptick in animosity toward athletes over gambling picks.

“I understand. I go to casinos, I gamble, I understand that. But I also understand it’s probably a 99 percent chance I’m going to lose,” Beal previously said. “I’m not sitting here about to get angry at the dealer or angry at everybody else.”

Beal’s legal team responded to the lawsuit:

“No charges have been filed and he is now trying to change the narrative,” said Beal’s attorney Dan Morgan via TMZ Sports. “We will make sure the standard is clear — you can’t harass people, call them racial slurs, talk about their family, insult their character… and then turn around a sue them on top of that.”

“This is America,” he added, “we believe in Justice here.”

It’s a free for all in the NBA.

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