Former Wisconsin Coach Gave Up A Shocking Amount Of Money After Being Fired

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Former Wisconsin football coach Paul Chryst left a lot of money on the table when the Badgers fired him.

The Badgers made the decision to fire Chryst this past Sunday after a humiliating 34-10 home loss to Illinois.

Several numbers were thrown around for his buyout, but AD Chris McIntosh made it clear Chryst would be taking home less than the numbers being reported. Now, the details are out, and the former head coach in Madison gave up nearly 50% of his buyout.

Chryst was owed more than $20 million in guaranteed buyout money, but agreed to take just $11 million, according to Jeff Potrykus.

The entire sum is owed to him by February 1, 2023.

As you can expect, people are very confused as to why Chryst would agree to give up more than $9 million in guaranteed buyout cash.

It doesn’t make much sense. That’s a lot of money to leave on the table.

Former Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst gave up $9 million in buyout money. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Why would Paul Chryst agree to give up so much money?

Most Americans don’t earn $9 million in a lifetime. Paul Chryst agreed to give that amount seemingly without any fight at all.

Last Saturday, we were getting blown out at home by Illinois, and by Sunday night, he was fired and walking away from $9 million.

Yes, $11 million is a nice chunk of change, but it’s a little more than half of what he was originally owed. It’s curious to say the least as to why Paul Chryst would voluntarily give up so much money.

Wisconsin fired Paul Chryst after 2-3 start. (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

Hopefully, he takes his $11 million and rides off into the sunset. It was time for him to leave Madison, but overall, he’s a good guy. There’s no need for this situation to get bitter.

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  1. That’s stupid move on his part. He should have taken all his money owed to him. Especially since Wisconsin fans are delusional to think they’re a playoff caliber team. They have beat Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State which are hell of lot better programs and get better recruits. Have fun with Bill O’Brien.

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