Winter Olympian Funding Her Olympic Dreams With OnlyFans Goes Topless In Cabo

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Canadian speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu is training hard and playing hard. Her dreams of transitioning from the Winter Olympics as a speed skater to the Summer Olympics as a cyclist aren’t just going to fall out of the sky and land in her lap.

Ianculescu has to put in miles on her bike while making sure the camera stays hot capturing all kinds of content to feed social media and the platform funding her move to cycling, OnlyFans. If that sounds like a lot of work that’s because it is.

OnlyFans Olympian Alexandra Ianculescu
Winter Olympian funding her Summer Games dreams with OnlyFans (Image Credit: Alexandra Ianculescu/Instagram)

If anyone has what it takes to do push through the kind of rigorous schedule necessary to keep these multiple things going at the same time, it’s an athlete who has competed at an Olympic level.

Ianculescu’s been training and keeping up with the content since the news broke last month that she was using her exclusive content to fund her Olympic run. On Friday, maybe a little tip of the cap to Cinco de Mayo, she shared a topless picture of herself relaxing on the beach in Cabo.

The attention grabbing look was captioned, “Cabo, always a favourite especially at the The Cape @thecapehotel.”

There was no “link in bio” mention that sometimes accompanies these kinds of looks. That doesn’t mean she’s shying away from OnlyFans at all.

If anything, Ianculescu is leaning into it. Prior to Friday’s topless Cabo shot, she shared a series of pictures that featured a limited edition set of speed skating suits with the OnlyFans logo on them.

Who Doesn’t Want To Play A Part In Helping An Olympian Reach Their Goals?

Ianculescu explained in the caption that there are only 50 of the suits that exist. She’s selling them to help support her cycling career.

The TeamAlex skinsuits are numbered 1-50 and she will autograph them if requested to do so. All of the suits will be shipped with a personal handwritten note.

Ianculescu will even wear the suit before shipping it if you want her to. Who doesn’t want to help an Olympic hopeful make their dream a reality?

Buying a speed skating suit, previously worn by the athlete or not, is easier to explain than saying you did your part by subscribing to her OnlyFans.

I’m personally rooting for her. I hope she makes it to the Summer Olympics and wins one of the cycling events. It would be great if she won and during her post-race interview she thanked her OnlyFans subscribers.

Written by Sean Joseph


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