Winter Olympian Funding Her Dreams Of Competing In The Summer Games With OnlyFans

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Canadian speed skater Alexandra Ianculescu has her sights set on competing in the Summer Olympics in cycling. She made the switch from speed skating after a disappointing finish at the Winter Olympics back in 2018.

Ianculescu had stopped training for several weeks after being told she didn’t qualify for the team making the trip to PyeongChang. She was then added to the team late, and as a result, she was unprepared for her event. She finished in last place.

Alexandra Ianculescu OnlyFans Olympics
Winter Olympian funding her Summer Games dreams with OnlyFans (Image Credit: Alexandra Ianculescu/Instagram)

Ianculescu says she’s always loved riding on a bike and in 2018 she decided to give cycling a try. She credited her speed skating training with the use of a bike as sparking her interest.

“I’ve always loved riding… I guess with speed skating, always having training on the bike, I started liking the aspect of it where you can train you can go see more than just an indoor rink, you can actually pick your own adventure!”

She continued, “In 2018, I tried track cycling for the first time… and I totally fell in love, it was a natural match made in heaven. And it felt easy to do, because I had the power from skating. Anytime I would push, I would pass people, and so I totally then got hooked on that.”

Ianculescu’s transition to cycling has landed her on a prestigious amateur cycling team. Cycling in the amateur ranks, and the training schedule needed to help her reach the Olympics, had the 31-year-old looking for a way to fund her dream.

Everyone Needs A Friend With Content On The Brain

A friend made the suggestion that she start making content on OnlyFans. So in 2021 she joined and has used it to fund her cycling. She said, “I made an OnlyFans account in 2021… It’s helping me survive, pay my rent, pay for groceries, and it covers the cycling and the coffee bills!”

“Someone suggested, ‘Why don’t you just have an OnlyFans account and create like a behind-the-scenes of what you do?,'” she continued. “And since you post bikini photos anyway, you can actually charge for that.'”

Ianculescu decided to give it a month and see how it went. The month has turned into a couple of years and the path to Paris in 2024, if she makes it, will be paved in OnlyFans gold.

“I was like, seriously, people pay for that. Like, I like my body. I want to post it anyway… So I said, I’ll give myself one month and see how it goes. And it was crazy!”

The bio of her subscription page reveals that she’s currently in the top 1.2% of all creators. She shares behind the scenes of an Olympian content and promises to keep it classy and bad assy.

Alexandra Ianculescu Could Join A Couple Elite Lists

If she achieves her goals, Ianculescu will join a couple of lists that not many olympians are on. She’ll be on the list of athletes that have competed in both the Winter and Summer Olympics. She’ll also join the list of athletes who have funded their trips to the games with OnlyFans money.

Go ahead and write down another win for the content game. Even if she falls short, the fact she’s been able to support her efforts with content is a win.

First things first, before the Olympics get here, Ianculescu will see where she stacks up at the Canadian national champions this summer. And, of course, content, content and more content.

Written by Sean Joseph

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