Will Levis Show On Second Night Of NFL Draft Is Canceled As QB Reportedly Leaves Town

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KANSAS CITY — Will Levis apparently had enough of those incessant TV shots of him, his family and his girlfriend as he fell out of the first round of the NFL draft Thursday night.

So he’s not returning to the so-called Green Room for Friday night’s sequel in rounds 2-3, a source confirmed to OutKick.

The Levis decision was first reported by BigX Sports Radio in Kentucky, which covers the University of Kentucky.

Levis reportedly isn’t just declining to return to the draft, but was planning to leave Kansas City altogether.

Will Levis and his Family spent all of Thursday night’s draft in the NFL Draft Green Draft. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

This comes as multiple teams spent the late parts of Thursday’s draft trying unsuccessfully to trade into the latter part of the first round, and then spent parts of Friday trying to trade into the early portion of the second round.

Will Levis Should Be Drafted Tonight

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently hold the top pick in Friday’s second round, which is the No. 32 overall selection. Multiple teams have reached out to the Steelers about trading into that spot.

It’s unclear if all this trade talk comes because one or more teams would be interested in selecting Levis. It’s quite possible different teams are trying to trade up for different players.

The move to leave, meanwhile, says something about Levis.

It suggests he’s not fond of undue attention. It suggests he was embarrassed his stock plummeted like a rock Thursday night and he didn’t appreciate the fallout.

That is all understandable.

But Levis wants to play quarterback in the NFL. And he’s previously posted selfies of himself on social media. So it’s not that he doesn’t like attention.

It just seems he doesn’t like scrutiny.

If that’s the case, he’s going to have a lesson to learn once he does get drafted. Because NFL quarterbacks are under the proverbial microscope from the moment they join a team.

That microscope comes with a Coke bottle lens when the quarterback is drafted early and comes with expectations of winning a starting job.

So if Levis didn’t like the constant focus on him in a rough moment Thursday night as he did nothing other than sit on a couch, how is he going to handle rough treatment from opponents, and criticism from coaches, and tough questions from reporters when he turns pro?

This move probably won’t hurt Levis or his status among teams considering him. But it cannot help.

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