Will Levis Has A Very Lofty Choice For His NFL Comparison

Kentucky quarterback Will Levis definitely doesn’t lack confidence.

Levis is seen by some as a lock to be taken in the first round of the NFL draft, while others have been more reserved in their assessment and hype.

What does the Wildcats passer think of himself? He thinks Josh Allen is a pretty good comparison.

Will Levis believes his game is similar to Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen. (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“I think his game is pretty similar to mine,” the senior gunslinger said on “It’s Just Football.” Yes, Will Levis thinks maybe the best player in the NFL is his pro comp.

Very bold. Very humble.

To be clear, Levis didn’t say he’s as good as Josh Allen. That would be completely unhinged. He simply stated their games are “similar,” but that’s still pretty damn bold for a guy who hasn’t done anything mega-impressive in college.

Again, Josh Allen might be the best player in the entire NFL. At the very least, he’s in the conversation for the most talented player in the league.

It’d be an interesting debate between him and Patrick Mahomes.

Will Levis has had some success at the college level.

Levis is certainly not a bum. He’s a very talented college QB, and that’s why many think he could be one of the first QBs selected in the draft.

In his two seasons at Kentucky, he’s thrown for 37 touchdowns to 18 interceptions, and has also rushed for 11 touchdowns. So far in 2022, he has 13 passing TDs and 1,635 yards in six games.

Will Will Levis succeed in the NFL? (Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Those are very respectable numbers. However, there’s still a huge gap between being a good SEC quarterback and saying your game is “similar” to a dominant NFL star. They’re both big dudes who can make plays on the ground in the air and on the ground. That still doesn’t make you the next Josh Allen or even a player who can claim him as a comp.

Will Levis says his game is similar to Josh Allen. (Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The good news for Levis is that he’ll get the opportunity to prove he belongs. He’s going to get drafted and get a crack at being the man at the next level. Clearly, he believes he’s more than capable.

Written by David Hookstead

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