Will Levis Has Only Thrown A Handful of Passes, But The Hype Is Already Outrageous After Rookie Minicamp Videos Leak

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One of the major stories from this year’s NFL Draft was how former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis tumbled out of the first round.

He was, of course, selected by the Tennessee Titans early in the second round, and has now made his practice debut with the team,

And it already has some fans pumped.

A few clips emerged of Levis lacing a few passes at the Titans’ rookie minicamp. While this situation is a long way from regular season NFL action, some observers were impressed by what they saw out of him and his arm.

Alright… the first pass in that highlight package was pretty impressive.

But, let’s see some more before we decide if Titans fans should start booking flights to Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII, or if they’re getting way too excited about a rookie QB at minicamp.

Here’s the scouting report from NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein which sums up his situation and potential future almost perfectly.

“He struggled to put together an extended period of high-caliber quarterback play in 2022, but was also dealing with injuries that he fought his way through for much of the season. Levis has the arm to beat coverages on all three levels, but inadequate placement and accuracy have created a lot of uncatchable throws. He’s a capable runner outside the pocket but needs to improve his feel for pressure and his consistency when throwing on the move. Levis’ talent is well worth an investment, but could require a talented quarterback coach and a patient plan to tighten up his mechanics, rebuild his confidence and explore an offensive scheme that best suits him.”

Strong praise, but emphasis on a patient plan. Like maybe sitting behind a veteran like Ryan Tannehill for a season and soaking in the jump from college to the NFL?

Let’s slow our roll, it’s rookie mini camp and he’s playing against a bunch of dudes who will likely never make a NFL roster.

Is It Too Early For A Will Levis Hype Train?

Everything looks fine. Some onlookers are comparing his release to that of Jets QB/ayahuasca enthusiast Aaron Rodgers. That’s pretty cool.

But, to get excited about Levis getting the starting job on Day 1 of rookie minicamp is a bit much. Aside from his arm, those clips don’t tell you too much.

I mean, I’m not sure how you tell anything about other aspects of his game such as his composure in the pocket under pressure from this. A 265-lb edge rusher coming at you is a bit different than coaches with pads on their arms.

Hell, I’d stand in there all day if I thought the worst that could happen is that someone was going to whack me with something as soft as a pool noodle.

So, maybe pump the breaks on Levis. Not saying he won’t be a franchise savior, but let’s wait to make that call until we get through the summer.

But wait! There’s more!

Another rookie QB was onfield too: Houston Texan’s first-rounder CJ Stroud.

CJ Stroud didn’t get the benefit of one of those blow-up, self-supporting domes. Nope. He had to brave the elements.

Honestly, if I’m a Texans fan, I love that.

That’s what they call character building.

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