Will Levis’ Girlfriend Gia Duddy’s Draft Day Look Racked Up Millions Of Views On TikTok

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Will Levis spent the entire night on Thursday night hanging out in the green room with his family and girlfriend Gia Duddy. He was still sitting there following the last pick of the first-round.

Despite Levis going undrafted on the opening night, stars were born in the green room. As we’ve learned from past NFL Drafts, the green room doesn’t lie. It didn’t lie on Thursday night either.

Will Levis Girlfriend Gia Duddy
Will Levis and girlfriend Gia Duddy at the NFL Draft (Image Credit: Guy Football/Twitter)

Levis’ girlfriend and sister Kelley made the most of the spotlight that was repeatedly directed at the former Kentucky quarterback. Social media took note of both of them and the rest is history.

Part of the history that was written was Gia’s red dress. It was a hit throughout the first-round and on TikTok, where she has more than 400k followers. Is she a TikTok influencer? I wouldn’t go that far, but she’s on her way to becoming one.

The two videos she shared of her draft day dress have racked up millions of views. Why two videos? Probably because she knew all about the magic of the green room and the wave of views that were on their way and she wanted to maximize the impact.

Smart move on her part. Who knows how many of the millions of views added to her follower count.

Sure it was a tough night for Levis, one that he no doubt wants to forget, but at least someone was able to cash in on the spotlight. With hundreds of thousands of followers it’s only a matter of time before the brands come knocking.

Will Levis And His Girlfriend Are Headed To Tennessee

On Friday night, Levis didn’t have to wait long for his name to be called. He bolted out of Kansas City after the rough showing in round one, but was taken with the second pick of round two.

The Tennessee Titans traded up to take the quarterback with the No. 33 overall pick.

Overall not a bad draft for Levis and company. So he fell out of the first-round, the fact that he was taken early in the second should make him feel better about that.

Combine that with the fact that social media drafted both his sister and girlfriend in the first-round and it was a solid showing.

Written by Sean Joseph

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